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Thai Ministries Agree to Convert 1,000 Bangkok Buses to CNG

Bangkok Post. The Thai Energy Ministry and Transport Ministry have agreed to convert 1,000 buses of the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) to CNG.

PTT will handle the conversions and will charge an additional five baht (US$0.12) per kilogram for the gas sold to the BMTA to cover the costs.

In addition, PTT will convert 30 buses of the state-owned Transportation Company under the same conditions. In the future, the Transportation Co will also increase the number of its natural gas-fueled buses to 1,000 units.

Under the government’s master plan, Thailand will have 180,000 NGV vehicles in 2008. According to the International Association for Natural gas Vehicles, Thailand had some 5,500 NGVs on the road as of August 2005.


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