Ballard Seeks Chinese Investment
ADM Announces Major US Ethanol Expansion

Thai Oil Planning Major Cassava Ethanol Plant

MCOT. To meet growing domestic demand, Thai Oil, the leading petroleum refinery in Thailand, is in the planing stages for an ethanol plant that would produce the fuel from cassavas.

Production capacity for the plant will range between 1–2 million liters per day (264–528 thousand gallons US). Correspondingly, costs will range from US$150–250 million.

At the end of 2004, Thailand had ethanol production capacity of some 4.36 million liters per day, divided among 24 producers. The Thai Oil plant could thus increase capacity by some 23%–46%.

Piti Yimprasert, Thai Oil president, said the company had opted to produce ethanol from cassavas because it viewed there would be enough supply of the crop for the large ethanol plant. Sugarcane and molasses are other feedstocks for Thai ethanol.

Cassava is a hardy, starchy crop that grows with minimal inputs and delivers a reasonable yield even on infertile land where the cultivation of other crops is difficult.

For processing into ethanol, the cassava starch is initially converted to glucose by the enzyme or acid process, similar to the process used for cereal grains and other starchy feedstocks.

Cassava ethanol projects are also in development in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Nigeria.




Awesome, instead of making delicious snack crispy deep fried cassava, we can use them to make fuel as well!

alfonso le

hi alfonso,

this is interesting-we can replicate this in the solomon islands too; a south korean firm is doing the same in PNG.more details to follow.



Jose G. Rafal

Dear Sir,

Your site is so informative and very encouraging to people who are very much interested in alternative energy and biofuels.

I wish we could have technical collaboration with this project on putting up one Ethanol from Cassava processing plant in the Philippines. I am now in Dubai and willing to contact some financial investment group to finance this project with a minimum of US$50M.

You will be interested and willing, you can contact me at my mobile: 0097152527406

Mr. Rafal


Dear Sir,

I am interested if you could assist in providing a detail equipment/cost for a cassava ethanol project in Benue, the largest producer of cassava in Nigeria.

Thank you

Ellen Roseanne

Good day!
I am very interested in this topic. May i ask the processes involved in order to extract ethanol from cassava in a way that a simple student can afford to conduct it as an experiment?
Thank you very much...

More power,



It was really worth article for the research students like me.
Thanking you.
Research Scholor
Dept.of Chemistry
Periyar University.
Salem-636 011


Really Useful articles for the research students like me.
research scholor
Dept of Chemistry
Periyar university
salem 636 011
South India


Hello,a warmly hello just to keep you in touch.
I really want to ask for your favour.
I am a student and i am doing a design work on production of 50,000 tons of ethanol from cassava waste as my project work,i need your assistance on the equipment and cost estimations for my project.
I will be grateful if my request is considered.
Many thanks..............Oladoja Tunde


i am a production engineering postgraduate student . am presently working on ethanol from cassva as fuel additive so as to reduce auto mobile pollution. please assist me with research materials

José Borrell

Dear Sir, I´m process engineer of PDVSA. Here in Venezuela, we´re developing The Engineer of the Ethanol Project, from cane and also cassava, for the injection to our gasoline. We need your technical colaboration for this Project. Please contact me at:


José Borrell
Process engineer
Etanol Project


Dear sir, your site has been very encouraging.As i have been thinking of what to do next with my 14 years experience in beer brewing industry and my engineering background.Your site is giving me a rethink about ethanol as an alternative automotive fuel.pls.send me more information about production of ethanol from cassava.



greetings in the name of the Lord!
i am a student of a certain public high school in the Philippines and i'am interested with ethanol production that uses cassava as its raw material. in this connection may i ask your help about the fermentation process or its methodology as a whole. iam planning to engage on that project as a investigatory.i am expecting for your great response.
thank you and good day!


greetings in the name of the Lord!
i am a student of a certain public high school in the Philippines and i'am interested with ethanol production that uses cassava as its raw material. in this connection may i ask your help about the fermentation process or its methodology as a whole. iam planning to engage on that project as an investigatory.i am expecting for your great response.
thank you and good day!


The "Cassava Ethanol Plant" idea cuaght my atention lately and I am fascinated by it. I am from Ghana; cassava is a very common tuber in Ghana, grows easily and relatively in adundance in certain arears in the country.I am planing, as an individual,to invest some of my savings in "Cassava Ethanol Plant " project.I am wondering, is it realistic,as an individual, to take on such a project, given limited finances (e.g $50,000 to $100,000). What input can you give me and also where can I research for information to get me started and going successfully?
Your quick response will be greatly apreciated.


Kindly furnish me with Technical and commercial costing details for the cassava processing to Ethanol Plant.


Dear sir,
Thanks for your insight concerning this project. I'm a student of chemistry at Makerere University, Uganda who is interested in experimental work regarding this project for a science exhibition.Any assistance regarding how I can go about this is kindly requested.Thanks in advance.

Masha Y T

Good day Sir/Ma.
My name is Masha Tosin, I am from Nigeria and planning to going into cassava farming, I would love to get information on how I could be relevant to this -I believe- great development.


Please sir,could you let me know contacts of countries ,where i can supply cassava to, from nigeria.Thanks for your anticipated responce.

Otonye Inko-Tariah

Dear sir,
I am Electrical/Electronics Engineer currently living in Nigeria and the United States. I am interested in setting up a Cassava to Ethanol processing plant. Please, I need information on the minimum commercial/technical cost for an individual to embark on this project and necessary procedures to start a plant of this nature.
Expecting your reply soon. Thanks.


Otonye Inko-Tariah


To everyone,

I've been searching for company(s)/people who are willing,interested of an ethanol projects especially in the Phillippines. We have in Vietnam,Cambodia,Laos & Thailand. Our company can provide you our own technology and can also support you financially. Can also be done by Government to Governtment agreement. If anyone needs support to build your Ethanol factory please don't hesitate to contact details below:
Attn: Ms. Mhadel
Contact #:+66814279719
Please note that only serious and dedicated projects will be honored and can negotiate to the only the right person only, meaning no agent please as we are talking about with a real & reputable investors. My apology to others who i upset, didn't mean it.

Many thanks to everyone in advance and hoping to hear from you soon.

Warm regards,
Ms. Mhadel

Terseer Hemben

The inquiry made regarding Cassava conversion to Ethanol in Benue, Nigeria attracts my attention. May the Inquirer feel free to contact me at for brainstorming?

carlos landers

Dear Sir:
I read your info about the production of ethanol using cassava. I´m from Mexico and in this Country are many people interested in make this possible. Would you mind send me more information about it? I made a work using yeasts and lactic acid bacteria in order to degrade starch by a fermentation process and I wonder if this could be useful in this process.
Thanks in advance


i'm a graduate of mechanical Engineering in one of the universities in Nigeria..i have special interest in the conversion of cassava to ethanol in generaton of an alternative energy for fuel production because of the energy crisis we have been experiencing in Nigeria for the past years and also the environmental benefits associated with it..i would not mind if you could help me out in terms of technical and moral expertise on this project..


Please, I'm a business manager in Amsterdam, I'm currently working on energy projects. I have about 20,000 hectares of land in Ghana, which I would like to use for growing cassava for Ethanol projects.
For this project, I'm looking for interested partners to set up the Ethanol plant in Ghana.
The government of Ghana is working on Renewable energy legislation, so permits and environmental regulations won't be a problem.





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