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ADM to Build New US and German Biodiesel Plants

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) announced plans to build its first wholly-owned biodiesel production facility in the United States.

The 50-million gallon facility will be located in Velva, North Dakota, near the existing ADM crushing facility, and will use canola oil as its primary feedstock. The construction completion date will be dependent on final engineering and permit approval.

ADM is also a partner in Mid-America Biofuels, LLC, which has recently announced plans to build a biodiesel production plant in Mexico, Missouri.

The company also announced plans to build its third German biodiesel production facility in Mainz. The plant will have a production capacity of 275,000 metric tons (about 84 million gallons US) per year.

ADM is the largest biodiesel producer in Germany and one of the leading producers in Europe. Within Germany, ADM has one biodiesel facility in Hamburg and one in Leer. The Hamburg facility recently announced an expansion in capacity expansion.

Construction of the Mainz plant, scheduled to be complete in a little over a year, is also dependent on final engineering and permit approval.



Atta Boy!

That is exactly what we need if we are not going to exploit the Salton Sea Algae.


Mike do you know what would be a feedstock for german plant?
It is a interesting fact that at least one plant is using something other than soy.


Still working on that. The US plant will apparently use canola oil as its primary feedstock.


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