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APFCT to Bring its Fuel Cell Scooter to Market by 2007

13 October 2005


The fourth-generation ZES IV.5, predecessor to the ZES V.

Taiwan’s Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technologies Ltd (APFCT) plans to commercialize its fifth-generation hydrogen fuel-cell scooter by 2007.

The new 1.1 kW fuel cell in the ZES V increases the driving range of its predecessor by 33%, from 60 kilometers (37 miles) to 80 kilometers (50 miles), and supports a higher slightly higher top speed of 60 km/h (37 mph), compared to 52 km/h (32 mph) in the prior generation.

AFPCT’s fuel cell development relies on support from Dupont (provider of PEM membranes), which is an investor. The scooter uses a metal hydride storage system, and refuels with a canister swap.

APFCT CEO Huang Lin-huei predicts a mileage cost of the scooter at only 50 percent higher than a gasoline-power scooter.

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50% greater per-mile cost and no mention of purchase price.  No comparison to battery-electric, either.

Can I be forgiven for thinking that this scooter could probably be driven just as well with a few kWh of Li-ion batteries, be cheaper, and need less electricity in the bargain?

Also swapping batteries may be just as quick with zero chance of H2 leakage.

How about a low-tech solution. Drop a small diesel engine in a scooter and run it biodiesel. The sustainable, low-emission, high-lubricity, and nice smelling fuel.

DuPont said they will commercialize ZES-3 by 2005 two years ago, now this Asia company say they will commercilize two years later...a bit famliar ?

Concerning ASIN PACIFIC FUEL CELL , I was trying several times to contact them , either in USA and in TAIWAN but unfortunatelly there aren't give me an answer.
Perhaps they have been disappeared ?? Or some shark companies have gulped down before show this hidrogen fuel cell to the public??

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