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Kansas Ethanol Consumption Rises Seven-Fold to 2% of non-Diesel Fuel Use

First Biodiesel Plant in Arkansas Opens

NWAnews. The Eastman Chemical Co. plant near Batesville, Arkansas has begun producing biodiesel from soybean oil, the first facility in Arkansas to do so. By the end of this year, the company plans to also use recycled vegetable-based cooking oil as a feedstock.

The Eastman Chemical plant has a current capacity of 3 million gallons annually. Eastman plans to double that by the end of the year.

Biodiesel fuel is currently available in 15 Arkansas counties, most in the eastern part of the state, according to the Arkansas Farm Bureau. The plant should improve local availability.

Soybeans are Arkansas’ No. 1 row crop in terms of acreage. The state’s farmers harvested 3 million acres of soybeans this year, which are expected to yield 102 million bushels. Arkansas has two soybean crushing facilities.

Arkansas Agriculture Secretary Richard Bell said Arkansas has been late in coming to biofuels, in part because soybean export markets have been so readily accessible through the Mississippi River system. But with $60 per barrel petroleum a reality, the biodiesel equation has changed dramatically, Bell said.

“The whole process has captured the imagination of the growers,” he said.

Several other Arkansas biodiesel production facilities are under consideration.

The Arkansas unit of Kingsport, Tenn.-based Eastman Chemical produces specialty chemicals and chemical intermediates used in detergents, pharmaceuticals, food additives, paints and coatings, fibers and herbicides.



At 48 gallons an acre Arkansas could produce 144 million gallons per year. What if they just converted all the kudzu via FT or TDP?


Dear Sir
We are interested in setting up Biodiesel manufacturing plant in Pakistan. Can you supply the plant ? If so ,please quote for plants of different capacities available with you. Also please provide specifications and literature for our guidance.
Yours truly,
Shafique Chaudhry


I am very interested in bio fuel and would like to know if you are on the stock market and if so how do I go about investing in your stock.


Dear sir:
we are looking to setup a Biodiesel Production plant in Pakistan. Please provide all relevent information about the Biodiesel production from waste oil as well as jatrapa plantation etc. Any project reports regarding this matter would also be appreciated.



Muhammad Afzal

Dear Sir

We are interested in setting up a Biodiesel manufacturing plant in Pakistan. Can you supply the plant? Would you be able to provide a quote for plants of different capacities available with you. Also please provide specifications and other literature for further guidance.

Yours truly,

Muhammad Afzal

Luis Mamud

My mane is Luis Mamud and we have 2,000 hectares of land in the Peruvian Amazon. We are looking for manufacturers to make a bio-diesel plant with Jatropha Curcas. This is a native plant of this region. We already started growing the seedlings in greenhouses.
We need to know the cost and all details necessary such as the area needed for this process and for the storage of the bio-diesel. Also, I need to know the kilowatts potency to generate power and the amount of water needed because we need to drill water wells. If you need any information for the quotation please let me know.


Luis Mamud

Bryan Wilson

My name is Bryan Wilson and I am interested in running biodiesel in my tractor trailers. Do you guys produce and sell to businesses or individuals? If so how much would it cost me per gallon? As I would be using at least 10,000 gallons a week. Also could you deliver? If you would be interested or maybe know of someone who is please let me know.
Thank you,

Bryan Wilson

W. Carden

I would love to provide you with biodiesel, at this point we are backordered though the end of june. But, I would be happy to try to deliver you some in July and after that on a weekly basis.
10,000 Galllons a week is a large number we would need to talk more about. I am sure we could help fill some if not all of that order per week dependent on where you live? Where do you live? Our Refinery is in Fayetteville, Northwest Arkansas. We currently charge $4.00 flat for our biodiesel for a regular customer, But you would be considered a large order and the price would go down per gallon around 25 to 45 cents per gallon Mostly dependent on how far away you live.
We also convert trucks to run on Vegetable oil as well. We sell that for about $3.00 a gallon but you have to convert your rig for that. No conversion needed for the biodiesel. Drop me a line or give me a call my # is on Our website. Thanks Look forward to hearing from you.
My site is Good luck hope to hear from you.

Doug Mizell

Hi everyone

I have heard that some of you may be interested in cellulosic alternative fuels not made from food or feed.

google search: Doug Mizell kudzu for some info on what Agro*Gas industries, LLC is doing.

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