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Honda to Show New Fuel Cell Concept at Tokyo Show

FCX Concept Sedan

Honda will put a new FCX Concept fuel cell vehicle on display at the Tokyo Motor show.

The new FCX Concept breaks with the more utilitarian design of the current Honda FCX fuel cell vehicle that is in limited production and distribution (earlier post). The new four-door sedan features a low-floor, low-center-of-gravity platform and a full-sized cabin.

The second generation of the Honda FCX made its debut in the 2005 model year. An all-new Honda-developed fuel cell stack delivers increased horsepower and a longer range than previous generations as well as low-temperature starting capabilities (as low as -20º C (-4º F). (Earlier post.)

The Honda FC Stack uses a metal separator structure that is easier to manufacture and reduces the number of necessary components by 50%, with the aim of increasing stack longevity and reducing manufacturing costs. This system also includes an aromatic electrolyte membrane that reduces manufacturing costs and increases the range between cold and warm temperature operation.

The 2006 Honda FCX adds a Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System that contains locations for all existing hydrogen-fueling stations within its database. (Earlier post.)



Too bad they aren't making an affordable EV version of this nice looking car. I see no reason to use hydrogen at this time, it doesn't allow for energy independence on a macro or micro scale.

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