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Independence Biofuels Opens Pennsylvania Injection-Blending Facility

Independence BioFuels opened the East Coast’s first biodiesel injection-blending facility today in a ceremony with Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell.

Independence BioFuels is the first company on the East Coast to make a biodiesel injection-blending facility available for petroleum distributors. Injection-blending combines petroleum-diesel and biodiesel streams into one seamless product in the pipeline before reaching the transport vehicle at the terminal.

With four lanes available for biofuel injection blending, the Independence BioFuels’ facility currently offers soy-based biofuel blends from B2 (2% biodiesel) through B20 (20% biodiesel) for diesel, heating oil and kerosene.

Because no biofuel refineries currently exist in Pennsylvania, this facility is the only point of biofuel distribution in the state, and the implementation of this facility will help to continue developing the state’s renewable energy market, and improves the logistics for local distributors who are interested in providing biofuel.


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