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Indian Oil Launches First HCNG Station

Indian Oil Corporation has launched India’s first Hydrogen-CNG (HCNG) fueling station at its R&D Centre at Faridabad near Delhi.

The Indian Oils R&D team will study the performance and emission characteristics of the vehicles operating with 5%–30% hydrogen blended with CNG and stored onboard at 200 bar.

Indian Oils plans to begin lab scale development of engines optimized for HCNG. The emission and performance testing of these vehicles will be done at Indian Oil’s R&D Center.

Manufacturers will then assess the data and decide on the target number of buses and three-wheelers for demonstration. A small fleet (comprising a mix of light commercial vehicles (LCV) and three-wheelers) will be operated on optimized ratio of HCNG.

Fuelling facilities will also be set up at two locations in Delhi apart from Indian Oils R&D Center.

Indian Oil is targeting 30% HCNG in engines by 2005-07 and neat hydrogen by 2008-10.


Daniel Johnston

I was surprised by the number of natural gas vehicles in Delhi when I was there recently. I had heard the pollution was dreadful but it has mostly been eliminated by the blanket ban on non-natural gas vehicles. Who says that government imposed solutions don't work?!

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