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Malaysia to Mandate B5 Biodiesel in 2008

Malaysia will mandate the sale and universal use of a B5 blend of biodiesel beginning in 2008, according to a report in The Star. The regulation will be implemented after the Biofuel Bill is tabled and passed by Parliament next year.

Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui also said that the Government’s target was to export 180,000 tonnes of biofuel by 2007.

Former Malaysian Palm Oil Association chief executive M.R. Chandran said Malaysia could convert 500,000 tonnes of its total production of 15 million tonnes of crude palm oil into biofuel. Chandran said expansion of plantations in the future would be done in a sustainable manner.

“The country is the top producer of palm oil in the world with almost four million hectares in plantations.”

“Our maximum capacity is to plant another 600,000 ha and produce a maximum of 20 million tonnes of palm oil annually,” he said.



Wow! 5% is a mere pittance considering the massive amount of palm oil they produce, and considering how cheap palm oil sells for on their commodities exchange.


At the moment we dont even have B1 available.

In the country most of the car is gasoline because of diesel car roadtax is some 400% more then gasoline car. Although diesel is cheaper then gasoline here, except those require a lot of travelling, noone would buy diesel car.

At the moment the country is reducing fuel sibsidize to lighten gov burdent. Not only that, the roadtax of diesel cars has been significantly reduced too(40% discount, although still much expensive then petrol car).

On the other side, projects to set up biodiesel plants is undergoing. Although the main target is to export to europe market, i believe the gov is shifting toward a sustainable fuel.


500,000 tonnes of palm oil into biodiesel, that is some 3.3% of the total production, and that biodiesel is for export and B5 locally.

15 millions tonnes of palm oil production can fullfill more then the diesel fuel requirement in the country even if we go B100, and that only take less then 70% of total palm oil production.

The potential is there, waiting for us to explore.


"Malaysia could convert 500,000 tonnes of its total production of 15 million tonnes of crude palm oil into biofuel."

for export and B5

500,000/15,000,000 x 100 = 3.33%

B100 < 3.33 x 20 = 66.67%


When the transition to the biofuel era begins, Malaysia is going to be very well placed to handle the demand.

But right now, Malaysia is still a major exporter of oil and natural gas, so naturally the government is still going to want to move very slowly on mandating biofuels.

Still, its a good start.

fed up with non-inovater USA

once again some small developing country is schooling the US on being a leader in being green.

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