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Malaysian Palm Oil Plantation Company to Build Biodiesel Plant in Europe

27 October 2005

The Edge Daily. Malaysian palm plantation company Golden Hope Plantations Bhd (GHope) is exploring investing between MYR114 million (US$30.2 million) to MYR138 million (US$36.6 million) to build a Dutch biodiesel plant.

GHope’s unit in the Netherlands is in discussions with an unnamed company in Europe for a plant with a capacity of 150,000 metric tons (approximately 34.5 million gallons) and which can be operational in 15 to 18 months time.

The plant would give GHope another way to tap into the growing biofuel market in the EU rather than just through the export of raw oil or biodiesel produced in Malaysia.

Golden Hope is partnering with the Malaysian Palm Oil Board on building the first biodiesel refinery in Malaysia. Expected to be completed in three years, the plant will produce 5,000 tonnes (approximately 1.15 million gallons) of biodiesel a month.(Earlier post.)

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150,000 metric tons capacity over what period of time?

per year.

Malaysia sure is seeking more better place for her palm oil.

Anyone know what the fatty acid makeup of palm kernel oil is? I wonder if it's suitable for colder climates even after transesterfication.

what i know is palm oil is solid under room temp. And palm kernel oil has more saturated fat(85%+) then palm oil.

Dear Folks,

The expansion of oil palm plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia will destroy the remaining rainforests, the orangutan and the other flora and fauna. In addition, the trees protect water resources, and without the trees, the water will become degraded and people will suffer. Please see the information below.

Linda Keenan
Orangutan Conservancy

Press Release
Friday 14th October 2005


A pamphlet published today by the Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation UK and Nature Alert provides photographic evidence and witness accounts of the horrific abuse wild orangutans suffer when they enter palm-oil plantations in search of food – including shocking images of animals that have been butchered, burnt or buried alive. Of those that have survived, many have been sold into the illegal pet trade and one young female was shaved and offered up as a prostitute.

“In order to catch a wild adult orangutan and tie it down successfully, you would have to beat it unconscious first. Most orangutans caught by plantation workers die from concussion or internal bleeding.”
Lone Droscher Nielsen, Manager of Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Reintroduction Project.

Wildlife rescue centres in Indonesia are over-flowing with displaced and injured wild orangutans, including orphaned infants, from areas where their forest habitat is being relentlessly cleared and converted into oil-palm plantations. One rescue centre, the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Reintroduction Project, houses more than 380 victims alone, with rescue teams operating on a daily basis. Meanwhile the centre is under immense pressure to find areas of forest where these orangutans can be released once they are healthy again. However, with the accelerating rate of forest clearance, these animals have a dwindling chance of ever being returned to the wild.

Palm oil is found in one in ten products on UK supermarket shelves, including chocolate, crisps, margarine, cereals, lipstick and soap. The palm oil industry has been linked with large-scale forest destruction, massive forest fires and human rights abuses. However, palm oil could be produced in a non-destructive manner: millions of hectares of already degraded land are available for the establishment of oil-palm plantations. But forested areas continue to be cleared because of the quick profit that can be made from the timber. This practice places the palm oil industry as the greatest threat to the continued survival of the orangutan in the wild.

“The rate of loss of orangutans has never been greater than in the last three years, and oil-palm plantations are mostly to blame. We are facing a silent massacre, taking place far from where people can see what is going on. “
Dr Willie Smits, Founder of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation

UK companies have been accused of failing to take effective action to ensure they do not buy palm oil from destructive sources. Recent research carried out by Friends of the Earth found that not one single UK supermarket was able to reveal where the palm oil originates in the products it sells.[1]

Due to corporate reluctance to take responsibility for the impacts of their business, BOS is calling on the UK Government to give company directors a legal duty to minimise their environmental impacts through the Company Law Reform Bill, which will have its first reading in Parliament next month. They are also imploring the Indonesian and Malaysian governments to introduce and enforce legislation banning the conversion of forests for agriculture.

The pamphlet and its accompanying website, also launched today (, demonstrate to consumers how they can make a difference, and help save the orangutan from extinction. Actions include writing to the CEO’s of the top five supermarket chains to demand non-destructive sourcing of palm oil, and contacting politicians to urge them to support the Company Law Reform Bill.

“Consumers must demand a commitment from manufacturers and retailers to provide products which meet basic expectations so that we are not unwittingly contributing to forest destruction, species extinction and human rights abuses every time we visit the supermarket.”
Michelle Desilets, Director, Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation UK

 New graphic images of orangutans and palm-oil development can be downloaded from
 Broadcast quality footage of orangutans and oil-palm plantations, newly acquired from the field, is available from Nick Lyon & Evie Wright @ Cockroach Productions, t: 01823 451 790,
 Interviews with leading orangutan scientists and campaigners, including Dr Willie Smits and Ian Redmond, are available.

[1] A report, “The Oil for Ape Scandal – How palm oil is threatening the orang-utan”, is published by Friends of the Earth together with the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation. For a copy of the summary or full report please go to:

For further information please contact:

Michelle Desilets, BOS UK Tel: 01296 640 542 Mobile: 07910 230 196

Helen Buckland, BOS UK Tel: 01732 460902 Mobile: 07970 666 051


Find out more about the palm oil situation from our website dedicated to the palm oil and orangutan crisis:

Supported by the Orangutan Conservancy, the Gibbon Foundation and the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation.

Nick Lyon.
Producer: Another Crude Oil

I am from africa, Let us talk business, I am into palm oil production in Nigeria.

I need all the information and all the details how to planting the oil and redevelopment in the southern of Thailand with recently will planting in my lands 15 hecters in deep forest.if you have any book how to planting the oil palms will you pls send to my address below I will glade to here from you and appreciates for your help because I do not how to planting this kinds of trees my addrsss as 124 Ramkomoke Road,Yi-ngor district Narathiwat Provinces 96180 Southern of Thailand
and thank you very much for your help anmd readibg
Dr.Nisait Wantanavate

i fully agree that future of orangutans must be safeguarded.
However we have about 80 Hactares of degraded land mwhich was under rainforest which we would like to bring under palm oil plantations.
We are in Assam state of india and are in Cachar district



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