AC Transit Unveils New Fuel Cell Hybrid Bus
DOE Launches Energy Conservation Campaign

NABI Introduces a Prototype Hybrid Articulated Bus Using GM-Allison Drive

The 60-BRT Hybrid

North American Bus Industries (NABI) has introduced a 5-door hybrid-electric articulated 60-foot coach designed for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) applications.

NABI’s new diesel hybrid combines a Caterpillar C9 330 hp engine and the GM-Allison EP50 two-mode compound split hybrid drive used in the other GM parallel hybrid transit buses on the market.

The company has yet to test the prototype, and has no performance information at this point.

NABI made the introduction at the APTA International Public Transportation Expo (IPTE) in Dallas.

NABI also announced at IPTE that LA Metro will deploy 30 of NABI’s CNG-fueled 60-BRT vehicles on Metro’s Orange Line, a new 14-mile dedicated busway through the San Fernando valley due to open 29 October.

(Metro converted an old Southern Pacific railroad right-of-way into the transitway, making major street and intersection improvements and building pedestrian and bicycle paths. The transitway is the region’s first right-of-way built exclusively for buses. It is the Valley’s first major transit service since the opening of the Metro Red Line in 2000. And it is the first time that new aerodynamic, super-sized Metro Liner buses will be placed into service within Los Angeles County.)

Los Angeles World Airports has also ordered 12 CNG 60-BRT’s for airfield shuttle service at Los Angeles International Airport, transporting passengers from terminals to new super-capacity aircraft. Also, the Regional Public Transportation Authority in Mesa, Arizona has ordered 10 CNG 60-BRT’s for express route and regular route applications in Arizona’s fast-growing Maricopa Valley.


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