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BOC Foundation Funds Hydrogen Solar Trial

Quantum Contracted to Develop New Hydrogen & Oxygen Storage System

Lockheed-Martin has contracted Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies to develop a hydrogen and oxygen fuel storage module for a regenerative power supply system for space exploration.

Meeting the requirements of the contract will likely advance Quantum’s current technology for hydrogen vehicle commercialization, according to Alan P. Niedzwiecki, President and CEO.

Utilizing its expertise in ultra-lightweight all-composite gaseous fuel storage, Quantum will develop a storage module with higher system weight efficiency than it has demonstrated in the past. Additionally, the storage system will be designed to withstand the extreme conditions experienced on lunar surfaces.

This program will push the boundaries of storage technologies and advance Quantum’s core technology.


The first phase of the program is a one-year effort to design the hydrogen and oxygen tanks. Test tanks will be built to validate the design. Additional activities during the first year will be to design the storage module and test subscale tanks for leakage and permeation of the stored commodities.

Later phases of the program may follow. Activities for these phases would include full validation of the tank design, construction of deliverable tanks, and fabrication of a deliverable storage module, with the final tanks integrated.



I doubt it.


Um scuse me little boy this was about space power units and they do tend to use hydrogen and ox so shut the hell up if your too stupid to read the article.


Its regenerative! So in time we can go long way into deep space without carrying too much fuel? Or this is just to supply on board fuel cell, not engine.

Nothing to doubt about Lockheed-Martin, these guys are good in making rockets amd fighters.


Most likely its to convert low power solar cell energy into a high power short duration burst for powering stuff. Either that or its to power systems aboard a near earth craft.


wintermane - Look up the meaning of permeation and get back to us with why it could be a problem.


Space agencies have used hydrogen fuel cells for a very long time this is simply a new generation. They deal with losses of hydrogen the same way they always have they add more to start with based on the lifespan requirements of the device its used on.


Ever hear of Apollo 13? How would you like to have that happen in your garage when you flipped the light on some morning.

Why does an aluminized mylar ballon go flat with almost no pressure in it?


Um as I just said they have been using these systems for a long time and yes any time you use a high power system based on a very reactive material there is a chance for explosion.

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