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SEV Launches Faraday Commercial Electric Vehicle, Closes First Deal

SEV Faraday

Smith Electric Vehicles has launched its new Faraday commercial electric vehicle (earlier post) and closed an initial deal with it.

The company, a subsidiary of Tanfield Group, has signed a letter of intent to supply up to 800 milk delivery vehicles to Dairy Crest, the UK’s leading chilled dairy foods company, over the next 3 years. The vehicles will be a mix of standard transit vehicles and, where commercially appropriate, the new Faraday.

The Faraday uses an Azure Dynamics all-electric powertrain that replaces SEV’s earlier system. The truck has a range of 100–160 kilometers (62–99 miles) and a restricted cruising speed of 100km/h (62 mph).

The vehicles will cost between £20,000–£29,000 (US$36,800–US$53,400). SEV proposes that due to the cost of electricity required versus the cost of fuel, the and will be as economical as a gasoline or diesel van within 18-24 months and 25% cheaper over five years.




AZD is bringing a substantial number of electric and HEV's to market.

It looks like they might be getting ready to launch an HEV London Taxi.

Keep it up!

Harvey D

Does anybody know if the Faraday-SEV delivery van will use Electrovaya Lithium-Ion Super Polymer batteries? If so, it may have the main ingredients for a practical PHEV with the addition of a small low cost E-85 power generator to extend the driving distance between charges and avoid runnig out of power in traffic jams.

Nicholas Bristol

Please would you be able to send me some information on your electric vans as i am interested in purchasing one to convert in to a milk float for my buisness. I saw some information a while ago but now you have released this new van i am really interested. Here is my address and i cannot wait to hear from you.
24 Peel Park Avenue

01200 428241

Thankyou very much
Nicholas Bristol

Mandeep Singh

Hi please anyone tell me the description of these vehicles as i am interested in that.

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