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Singapore Gets its First Two Biodiesel Plants

26 October 2005

Two separate ventures announced plans to build biodiesel plants in Singapore, the first such there. Most of the output is intended for export.

Both plants will be built on Jurong Island, Singapore’s petrochemicals hub.

The Cremer Gruppe will invest up to S$34 million (US$20.1 million) in a plant with a capacity of 200,000 metric tons, and expects it to be online by the end of the first quarter in 2007. The company plans two additional plants within five years.

The second biodiesel plant, with a capacity of 150,000 metric tons, is a joint venture between Wilmar Holdings and Archer Daniels Midland Company. Wilmar plans to invest S$50 million (US$30 million) and have the plant operational by the end of 2006. The plant can support a doubling of its capacity to 300,000 tonnes per year.

From Singapore, the plants will have easy access to palm oil feedstock from Malaysia and Indonesia.

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Please come to New Zealand and start a biodiesel plants ASAP.
I would like to think that your experience will be benefical to us.
Dawood Latif.

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