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Toyota Develops Hydrogen Fuel Cell Forklift


Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) has developed its own hydrogen fuel cell forklift. A prototype Toyota FCHV-F featuring the system is on display at the CeMAT trade fair in Hannover, October 11-15.

The vehicle can lift a maximum of 2,500 kilograms (5,500 pounds), the same as the company’s existing electric forklift.

TICO developed the fuel cell hybrid system in cooperation with Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), and uses a 30 kW Toyota fuel cell stack and components. Ultracapacitors (20 kW peak) provide the energy storage, and are recharged via regenerative braking.

The fuel cell system components—fuel cell stack, 35 Mpa (350 bar, 5,000 psi) hydrogen tank, etc.—are mounted on a single module cartridge-type frame that can replace existing batteries in conventional electric models.

Toyota Industries aims to further develop a forklift with a higher-performance and lower-cost fuel cell system for practical use.

Fuel cell maker Hydrogenics is also developing fuel cell forklifts, working in partnership with companies such as FedEx and General Motors. (Earlier post.) Other fuel cell companies such as General Hydrogen and Cellex are also looking to industrial vehicles, specifically forklifts, as a natural fit for fuel cells.




I'm Andrea Mantovani, 14/04/83, an italian student of UNSW, I'm graduated in Industrial Design in Politecnico of Milan (Italy) and I'm starting to prepare my thesis for my "Design&Engineering Master" in UNSW (Sydney).
I live in Sydney and I'm going to stay here at least one year.

I'm very interested in "fuel cell subject" and it could be really interesting for me to project and design a product or vehicle powered with fuel cell.

I'm looking for some company contacts or organization contacts in Sydney to have some informations about current projects in action.
I'd like to give my contribute and design a product finalized to fuel cell for my thesis.

I don't want any money.
Just the possibility to give my contribute to the development and collaborate to any project current in action.

I'll be very happy if anybody can help me with just a contact or informations...

Andrea Mantovani
31/120, Bondi rd. Bondi
Sydney NSW 2019Australia
+61 405 546906

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