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Toyota Extends Prius Recall Globally to 160,000

14 October 2005

Toyota is extending its recall of 75,000 Prius hybrid in the US (earlier post) worldwide, affecting a total of 160,000 cars.

A software malfunction in the engine control module (ECM) system in models manufactured from August 2003 through February 2005 can cause the engine to stall while driving. Limited operation via the electric motor is still possible, and the electrically-powered brake and steering operation will continue to function.

The recall covers 70,000 Prius cars in Japan; 15,000 in Europe, Australia and other markets; and the 75,000 in the US.

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Unfortunate, but not unexpected. It's hard to roll out a new car line with so many new technologies and not have a callback problem.

Hopefully they get it fixed quickly, correctly, and cheaply.

Well, since I've had to call customers myself and explain that my software had errors, I'm actually mildly amused that I have to take my Prius back for the same sort of issue. The universe is balanced.

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