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VW Introduces the 69 MPG Diesel EcoRacer Concept

The 69 mpg EcoRacer

At the Tokyo Motor Show, Volkswagen is presenting its EcoRacer—a mid-engine diesel sports car with fuel consumption as low as 3.4 liters/100km (69 mpg US) and a maximum speed of 230 km/h (143 mph).

Powered by a 100-kW (134-hp) turbo diesel, and with a carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFP) body and weight of just 850 kg (1,874 lbs), the car accelerates from 0 to 100 kph in 6.3 seconds.

The 1.5-liter TDI diesel is still under testing at Volkswagen, and represents the highly-charged downsizing approach represented in the new twin-charged TSI family of engines (earlier post). (In other words, using super-, turbo-, or dual-charging to increase power, and then applying that in a smaller engine to reduce overall fuel consumption.)

Volkswagen also notes that the new TDI has the potential to implement its Combined Combustion System (CCS) process—a homogeneous combustion process optimized for synthetic fuels.

Along with the 100-kW power output, the new TDI develops torque of more than 250 Nm between 1,900 and 3,750 rpm. The compression ratio is 17.2:1. The EcoRacer uses the DSG double-clutch transmission. (Earlier post.)

The EcoRacer TDI conforms to the expected Euro 5 emissions standards.

VW is also using Tokyo as the venue for the world premiere of the new Polo GTI. With 110 kW (150 hp) of power, it is the strongest Polo since the series was introduced thirty years ago.

(A hat-tip to Mike Weindl!)



Cool, but made of carbon fiber, I assume it would have to carry an exotic sports car kinda price if they were ever to build it. Too bad.


Brilliant car VW! Now they just need to advertise that it can officially use Bzero up to B100. It would be a great way to get new customers into the showroom then sell them a Touran or Passat TDI.


Cool car, cool MPG, cool engine, cool power :D

What else we can expect more from a car? Yup, a mass production cheap version of it.


Interesting concept! Now when does America get the Polo? VW never meant premium to me, so tone the concepts down and give us a real disel peoples car.
PS. I'll never pay more than $18K on just a volkswagen.


Go! Rudolf, go!

The inventor would be smiling if
he could see this car.

Well, maybe not, the Germans are too serious a lot.


While any car with a carbon fiber frame is never going to be mass market, this thing helps smash the myth that a car with good fuel economy will have awful performance.

If they bring the Polo over here without a diesel, it will be dubbed "Polio" instead. I drove a Polo gasser in France years ago - it had a little trouble getting up those mountain roads.

Harvey D

Less weight + better aerodynamic + efficient engine = less fuel consumption. Newly found mathematics? (10 mpg vs 70 mpg and Euro-V standards would certainly reduce OIL imports and pollution). It seems that HUMMERS - NAVIGATORS - SUPER V-10 RAM ++++ went the other way.

A few more Katrinas and Wilmas wake-up calls may be required, but we will eventually see the good side of using less energy and even cleaner energy.

There's a garage down the street with about 200 huge 4 x 4 on sale and even at -$7000 there are very few buyers. The Toyota garage nearby is completely out of Corollas. Is that a sign of things to come?


Psst. GM & other domestic companies were paid arab oil bucks to build those SUV's.

And. I love this car! Absolutely beautiful! With alternative fuels like bio diesel at around $1 a gallon, the mpg could be increased by a factor of 3 : 1 in terms of fuel cost.

Mark A

Where do you get biodiesel at $1 a gallon? Correct me if I am wrong, but most of what I have been reading about biodiesel's benefits are that it is "renewable" and adds lubricity without sulfur, not its lower price. In fact, I think I read where biodiesel is considerably higher than regular diesel. Of course theres also the idea that we would have to give up "eating", if we go "full fledged" biodiesel.

But if biodiesel is at $1, and I may have to go find my old '93 F-350 Ford crewcab, for everyday driving.


Sweet! I was beginning to think I would have to figure out on my own how to put an efficient engine in my Toyota MR2.

Jesse Jenkins

Way to go VW. While this car will obviously carry a high-end price tag if it is ever mass-produced, it will serve as a great example of how to maximize fuel economy without sacrificing performance. Now for those of you who don't mind not being able to go 0-100 km/h in 6.3 seconds, think about how much more fuel efficient we could get. There's absolutely no reason our average fuel economy in the US should be ~18 mpg. If we were to only double this to 36-40 mpg (let alone the 69 mpg this baby pulls off) we would have oil consumption for transport. Now THAT would be a real solution for domestic energy security and would certainly lower the price at the pump, unlike this hogwash I hear about drilling in ANWR...

Jesse Jenkins

And of course by "have oil consumption for transport" I meant "halve oil consumption for tranport." Its amazing what one letter's difference can do...


bob probably means that biodiesel costs about $1/gallon to make from waste grease, which appears to be pretty close.  On the other hand, there is only about 3.5 billion gallons of cooking grease used each year in the USA, vs. 60-odd billion gallons of diesel and 134 billion gallons of gasoline.  It's kind of like the $10/barrel oil; if you own some you're sitting pretty, but it's sure not going to get sold that cheap.

Cameron Dell

There sure don't seem to be much of a apatite for diesel cars in USA I believe it's less than ½ of one percent. I have not owned a gas car for 5 years and put a lot of miles on them but very little fuel, maintainence or repairs on them. With all the racing enthuses cars like this might help spur some interest. Since cars like these will never make it ashore. Greedy Gov't and Corporations can keep lining their pockets with profits and high taxes on SUV Edsel's of the future. I expect the advertising to get more intense to keep this scam going. The only thing I see that might counter this is the 5 dollar gallon.

Cameron Dell

European TDi

TDi engines run great and I do hope that Americans will soon follow the Europeans towards diesel.. Great move VW, show the world what modern diesel engines can do!
My '01 Polo 1.4-liter TDi with now over 80,000 miles is still a real toy to drive, with 75hp, 190Nm and just over 2,400lbs. Better acceleration than any gas-guzzling sedan. Real fuel economy is over 55mpg and it can also run on bio-diesel.

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