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Canada Contributes C$3.6 Million to Natural Gas Vehicle Project in India

27 November 2005

The Government of Canada will contribute C$3.6 million (US$3.1 million) through the Climate Change Technology Early Action Measures (TEAM) program to a consortium of companies that is developing and demonstrating natural gas vehicles (NGV) in India.

The project, designed to demonstrate the potential for reduction of greenhouse gases through the use of NGVs, runs through the end of 2008.

The Natural Gas Vehicle Flagship Project for Mumbai, India, led by Advanced Technologies and Fuels Canada, will use an accounting model to determine the levels of greenhouse gas emission reductions resulting from the NGV deployment. It will also continue to collect data to verify these levels throughout the project.

Technology Early Action Measures (TEAM) is an interdepartmental technology investment program established under the federal government’s Climate Change Action Plan. TEAM supports projects that are designed to develop technologies that mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions nationally and internationally, and that sustain economic and social development.

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