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Joint US-China Work Begins on Clean Diesel Retrofits in Beijing

Ford Reaches Full-Scale Production of Mariner Hybrid

Ford Motor has reached full-scale production of the Mariner Hybrid—its second hybrid vehicle on the market (earlier post)—at the Kansas City Assembly Plant. Initial production began in October.

Ford pulled planned production of the Mariner hybrid ahead by a year as part of its stepped-up hybrid commitment.

Lean and flexible manufacturing processes and specially trained employees at the plant allow the hybrids to be built on the same production line as the conventional Mariner and Ford Escape SUVs.

The Kansas City plant accommodates installation of unique Mariner Hybrid and Ford Escape Hybrid components at normal line speed. Among the hybrid components are a temperature management unit, electric battery pack, in-dash electrical outlet, regenerative braking system, power cables, electronic power assist steering, DC-to-DC converter, Atkinson-cycle engine and eCVT transmission.

The integration of hybrid assembly with conventional vehicles is a key component in Ford’s push to increase its hybrids production to 250,000 units annually by 2010.



Wow so they figured out how to put the mariner bumper and badges on the escape hybrid? Awsome! Go ford.

Tim Russell

Justin, while the Mariner may be a clone of the Escape keep in mind that Ford is the only domestic with a hybrid. Also they are working on there 2nd and 3rd gen hybrid systems to be released soon while many other companies haven't even released their first gen. It bothers me when people put down companies that are making real efforts.


The reason im putting down ford is because they are pure reactionaries. When the Escape hybrid first came out ford said they wouldn't do a Mercury or Mazda version because it would be too expensive to develop, service yada yada so on and so forth. Now that they've sold a few Escapes its a no brainer. Why are the share holders paying these executives to run this company?
These US manufacturers take zero risks. They have not foresight what so ever. If toyota and honda hadn't come out with hybrids years ago ford would never build a single hybrid... ever! I'm sorry but as long as this kind of thinking prevails in Detroit, they don't deserve any credit.
I'm willing to bed the first Diesel car to pass emissions in all 50 states will be either a honda or a toyota while GM and ford will keep insisting that its impossible to make a profit on it.

little shop

There are not enough Ford Escapes to go around. Why even advertise or do anything other then put $ towards more production? Put those $ towards a us nimh battery factory, its NEEDED.

Tim Russell

Justin you showed your hand by saying the first Diesel car to pass 50 state emissions will be from Honda or Toyota. What about the Europeans where diesels are most popular. Since VW is the only company that sells a diesel for the masses (MB is a bit out of mosts price range) they might be first when the low sulfur diesel hits the market.

Ford would sell more hybrids if they could get the parts but right now they are getting them from the same supplier, Aisin Seiki Co. Ltd, as Toyota. Aisin,is minority-controlled by Toyota. Aisin will only supply Ford 24,000 transmissions a year so that's all the hybrids they can offer. The 2nd and 3rd gen hybrid power trains I spoke of are being developed in house with American suppliers to avoid this problem. They are also working with battery suppliers to solve any battery shortage issues.

As far as rating the automakers on hybrids I would place them in the order of Toyota, Honda then Ford, no one else has one on the market (Lexus being part of Toyota). It could be considered smart business to wait and see how things turn out before committing huge amounts of money to a technology.

BTW I do not work for the Ford motor company or any suppliers. I drive an Accord daily but also own a Mustang. I make a hobby of following the auto industry.

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