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Hydrogenics Targets End-User Markets with New HyPM Fuel Cell Offerings

Hydrogenics has introduced its new HyPM 500 family of fuel cell power modules, with or without integrated DC power options, and fuel cell power packs.

The new series focuses on standardization—all Hydrogenics module sizes are now built around the 500 series stack. The company has also standardized certain desirable integrated options—such as select power conditioning options and hybrid package options—reducing the need for customized work.

Our goal with this product release is to move closer to end-users, primarily in the backup power and light mobility markets. At the same time as we spawn new potential markets with proven technology, we are also refining this common HyPM platform with the intent to transition it to volume manufacturing for today’s viable target markets.

—Pierre Rivard, Hydrogenics President and CEO

Relative to the prior versions, Hydrogenics is delivering a wider range of power options, slightly reducing the weight, and reducing the cost.

The HyPM 500 Series is available in two standard configurations, the LP model for mobility applications, and the XR model for stationary applications.

The LP model is available in power outputs of 8, 12, 16 and 65 kilowatts. The XR model, designed as a rack-mountable unit, is available in power outputs of 8, 12 and 16 kilowatts.

HyPM Power Module Specifications
HyPM 8HyPM 12HyPM 16HyPM 65
Max. Power (kW) 8.5 13 17 66
Voltage range (V) 25–36 37–58 48–72 215–300
Max. Operating Current (A) 350 350 350 310
Volume (L) 129 148 170 365
Mass (kg) 93 98 110 320
The following specifications are the same for all HyPM modules
Peak Efficiency % >55
Time from idle to peak power s <4
Supply pressure kPa 500–700
Stack operating pressure kPa <125
Operating temperature º C 10–40

Hydrogenics recently concluded trials of its fuel cell power packs in forklifts in deployments at General Motors of Canada and FedEX. (Earlier post.) Hydrogenics also supplies the fuel cell units for the Purolator fuel cell hybrid delivery prototypes under testing. (Earlier post.) Other development efforts include neighborhood vehicles, transit buses and utility vehicles.



I want a 1kw unit to take camping

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