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A Techsphere AeroSphere airship

ISE Corporation, a maker of hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell powertrains and components for buses and trucks, will soon have its products taking to the air.

Cyber Defense Systems, a designer and developer of next-generation unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Techsphere Systems International (TSI), a designer, developer and manufacturer of manned and unmanned airships, has entered into an exclusive agreement with ISE Corporation for the purchase of ISE’s hybrid drive trains for application in Techsphere Airships.

The agreement gives Techsphere Systems International a worldwide exclusive on purchasing hybrid drivetrains, including controls and software for future engines, for Techsphere Airships. Techsphere expects that ISE’s proprietary systems and controls will deliver system efficiencies and corresponding fuel economies that are unmatched in the Airship industry.

The main benefit of the implementation of these new drivetrains into Techsphere’s products will be increased flight longevity. This will improve the airships’ reliability as a telecom beacon; increase visibility for aerial marketing; and elevate their surveillance capabilities when used as a tool for homeland defense.

The deal also yields new possibilities for Techsphere’s current partnership with NASA on projects that use the airships as low-earth orbit satellites for purposes of topographic research.

This agreement will allow ISE Corporation and Techsphere not only to use current hybrid electric propulsion, but will allow the team to perfect solutions for hydrogen fuel cell power plants for long endurance flight on Techsphere Airships.

—David Mazaika, CEO and President of ISE

Techsphere Systems manufactures low-, mid- and high-altitude spherical airships. The spherical design counters many of the limitations faced by the dominant elongated, finned-hull “blimp” design of conventional airships, especially in areas of low-speed maneuverability and need for a large ground support infrastructure.


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