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Korea’s Renault Samsung to Export Compact SM3 Under Nissan Brand

The new SM3 will offer a diesel option by the end of 2005.

Renault Chairman Carlos Ghosn announced that Renault Samsung Motors (RSM) will begin to export the compact SM3 model under the Nissan brand beginning in 2006. Ghosn is also the chairman of Nissan.

RSM, of which Renault owns 70%, is Korea’s smallest automaker, and the SM3, originally based on Nissan’s Bluebird Silphy platform, is its entry-level vehicle.

Launched in 2002, the SM3 has sold 99,288 units since then. RSM will begin producing about 30,000 Nissan-branded SM3s annually beginning in 2006, according to Ghosn.

  1.5L 1.6L
* (m) manual transmission; (a) automatic transmission
Displacement 1,497 cc 1,596 cc
Fuel Gasoline Gasoline
Power kW (hp) 73 (98) 78 (105)
Torque 135 Nm 146 Nm
Fuel consumption* l/100km 6.9(m) / 7.9(a) 6.9(m) / 7.9(a)
Fuel economy* mpg US 34(m) / 30(a) 34(m) / 30(a)

Renault Samsung sold 85,098 cars last year, which accounted for 9.3% of the South Korean auto market. As of October 2005, Renault Samsung has sold about 100,000 cars, marking a 42.9% increase compared with the same period last year.

The SM3 currently offers two gasoline engines, a 1.5-liter and a newer, more efficient 1.6-liter. At the end of 2005, RSM will begin offering the latest-generation Renault 1.5 dCi turbodiesel engine as an option—the first diesel offered by RSM.


Wayne Gerdes

Hi All:

34 combined w/ the manual and 30 combined for the Auto? They have got to be kidding right? Those numbers are a joke!

Good Luck


Mike Weindl

For a car that is not a hybrid nor a turbodiesel I think
34 mpg is OK. Show me a US car that has 34 mpg.
It also shows that there is still a gap between manual and
automatic shift. So who is serious about gas saving has probably still to go with manual shifting..How do you shift in a Prius?


My 10 year old neon is rated 30 city 38 highway with a 132hp engine and more interior room. I average 35 in mostly city driving. This thing gets the same mileage with 1/3 less hp, 10 years later. Pathetic. Lets hope it doesn't come to the US.

Mike Weindl

..Sorry..I always had the Neon with 25/32 mpg in my mind..

little shop

Its funny how people have different experiences with cars. Every car I have owned has done EPA or better EXCEPT my Neon. I bought a 96 new with a manual and got 25 highway less then 20 city. The dealer refused to even look at mpg issues. The neon had no 'engine codes' showing up. I got the same real world fuel economy out of a 3 liter 6cyl minivan with auto trans. That neon must have had something wrong with it from day one.


Yes neons have very spotty quality to say the least. In some ways we were lucky because we bought the base model. No AC, no PS, no 3 speed auto. In 10 years and 135k miles its been bullet proof. But I suspect if I had any accesories to speak of the car would be long gone. I keep it around because of the low running cost and great fuel mileage around town. Im still on the original clutch and front axles. Just bought a set of fresh brake pads for $15. As long as it keeps passing smog check and doesn't give me any trouble I'll buy me time to save up for a new Civic hybrid when the hype dies down.


No i dont think this 1.6L can get 7.9 L/100Km. You will likely get 10.0L/Km+

Sebastien Louis

They are great cars!! let's hope Renault Samsung and Renault will return to the US soon !! :)

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