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Malaysia Fast-Tracks Biodiesel

The Star. Malaysia’s switch to bio-diesel will begin next year, at least one year ahead of schedule. Three federal ministries—Transport, Defence, and Primary Enterprises and Commodities—have volunteered to pilot the use of a B5 palm biodiesel blend (5% biodiesel).

The Government’s initial plan was to introduce it in early 2007.

“However, because our plans are going very well, it seems that we can start way ahead of schedule,” Primary Enterprises and Commodities Minister Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui told The Star yesterday.

“Starting in 2006, all diesel-engine vehicles throughout the country that belong to departments, agencies and organizations under the Transport Ministry, Defence Ministry and our own ministry will start switching to bio-diesel,” he said.

“After that, we will introduce the fuel to the general public for use.”

Malaysia is targeting a B20 blend.

(A hat-tip to Rexis!)



We will still be sitting on our butts when the rest of the world has long since done the right thing.

The feds should require ALL of big oil to start putting some of those excess profits into developing renewable fuels or tax it away from them, and use the taxes to do it themselves.


Yummy, oil palm flavored biodiesel with 5% cholesterol free :) too bad this country do not have any Diesel car smaller then 1.9L running on the road. Time to select which is my favourite diesel pickup or BMW 7d-series O.o and dream.

Paulo Nery

It may be good for Malaysia to use Palm since it's plentiful there. However I'm cautious about using palm oil from unsustainably forested plantations. Much of the Malaysian rain forest is being destroyed to plant oil palm. And there are plans to import tankers of Malaysian palm oil to refine into biodiesel in the UK. This has the additional worry of burning petroleum to transport the oil, thus wiping out much of its green credentials.


As i said, only pure business sense here. If it is not because goverment trying to cut off subsidy of fuel nobody here would ever heard biodiesel now. Even with B5 i doubt the fuel is any cleaner becuase it contains super high sulfur.

We are just finding more way for our palm oil to go. By the way, i am kind of sick of the view of monotaneous oil palm estate on highway here, and some even bareland awaiting to plant oil palm, you seldom see any rain forest.

The only real forest i ever seen in Peninsular Malaysia is on my way to Genting Highland. Beautiful trees and flora(view from bus). And when you reach the top, yet another disappointment, they hv turned the entire place which should be a very beautiful and invaluable national park into a theme park resort and entertainment and casino city...

There are plans of expanding oil palm estate and it is said that it will be carried out in a "sustainable manner"... ahha, thats the style, talk only, no action.


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