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Masterflex Receives First Order for Fuel Cell Bikes


Masterflex AG, a processor of specialty polymers that runs a fuel-cell division, has received the first order for its fuel-cell powered electric bicycle.

The city of Herten in North Rhine-Westphalia will use a fleet of ten fuel-cell bicycles for services for tourists, such as day trips into the Ruhr area. The bicycles are planned to be in operation in time for the 2006 World Cup (9 June 9 to 9 July 2006).

The bicycles, based on the Swizzbee 50c electric bike, use a Masterflex 250-watt PEM fuel cell fueled by 45 grams of hydrogen stored in a Hera metal hydride system to power a 250-watt electric motor.

The bicycle has an electric range of up to 120 kilometers (75 miles), according to Masterflex.

Masterflex, in partnership with Hawk Bikes E&M GmbH, also has developed a fuel-cell-powered cargo bike. With a similar fuel-cell drive system as the bicycle, the cargo bike offers 90 grams of hydrogen storage and a range of up to 250 km (155 miles).



Interesting, and the price? That would be pretty efficient if in the future everyone will carry one of this instead of having big bad FUEL CELL SUV and one driver.


Cool. Where do I fill it up?

henk daalder

Germany has some public hydrogen stations.
But the small amount could possibly be produced at home just from water and mains power.

Of course this is not a commercial activity.
Its a pilot, an experiment, to learn new posibilities.

And you could ask government officials when and where a hydrogen station will be available in your area.

And ask around for devices to produce hydrogen at home


Gee, my bicycle has a range of 75 miles, and I get improved cardiovascular health as well.

I'm sorry but c'mon. Hydrogen powered bicycles? Gee, we can be lazy and enviro-friendly high tech at the same time!


but I suspect the market is for people who DON'T bike 75 miles at a go. Most "shopping" trips are under 5 miles, if we could convert just a fraction of car trips used for this sort of local travel to electric/hydrogen bikes that would do a lot.


Exactly right. This is a product for people that aren't heavy duty cyclists. In fact, most people that ride an electric bike for transportation (neighborhood or commuting to work) would not even consider a conventional bicycle because it is juat too much work. My company manufactures and market electric bikes (and scooters too) that use rechargable batteries and sell for as low as $300. Now everyone can afford one and you won't need to find a hydrogen filling station! Check them out

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