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Rypos Introduces New High- and Low-Sulfur Diesel Self-Regenerating Filters

Rypos self-regenerating electric DPF

Rypos, the developer of developer of an electric-powered self-regenerating filter for large diesel engines, has recently introduced two active diesel emission filter product lines for engines whose output ranges from 100 kW to 2 MW—one to work with high-sulfur fuel, the other with low sulfur.

Rypos’ active regeneration technology relies on banks of sintered metal filter elements. When a microprocessor senses that the filters need regeneration, it automatically sends an electric current through the conductive fibers to heat them and burn off accumulated particles. There is no need for high exhaust temperatures to regenerate.

The Rypos ADPF is designed for older diesel engines operating on high-sulfur diesel fuel and achieves total particulate matter reductions exceeding 60%.

The Rypos ADPF/C is configured with a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) to reduce particulate matter by up to 90% while cutting carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions as well. ADPF/C is designed for newer engines using low sulfur diesel fuel.

Applications typically include auxiliary and backup generators, marine engines, oil fields, irrigation, locomotives, and off-road construction equipment. Both products serve the retrofit and OEM markets.

Rypos anticipates future market expansion to come from the sale of smaller filters for diesel and hybrid diesel-electric powered small trucks and passenger vehicles in the US and overseas.

In addition to existing markets, Rypos ADPF and ADPF/C filters, are being evaluated by the mining industry for underground applications.



If there is some pre-heat function will helps too, cold cat converter simply no use during cold engine start.


I'd love to see something along these lines that could retrofit old diesel passenger cars. Low-PM, high fuel economy, and zero-petroleum from an 85 Jetta running B100! All for maybe $3000!

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