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Oil Sands Fever

South Dakota Adds 251 Flex-Fuel Vehicles to State Fleet

The South Dakota Bureau of Administration’s Fleet and Travel Management is replacing current fleet vehicles with 251 flex-fuel vehicles (FFV) capable of burning E85 (85% ethanol).

The FFVs represent 82% of the state’s total order of new vehicles this year, according to South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds, and brings the total number of FFVs in the state fleet to 562 units, or 17.5% of all fleet vehicles.

South Dakota currently has 38 E-85 fueling stations. To encourage an increase in the infrastructure, the Governor committed to having the state’s flex-fuel fleet refuel at local stations, rather than at a state facility.

South Dakota currently has eleven operating ethanol production plants with three new plants under construction, with an estimated production capacity of 775 million gallons per year by the end of 2006. Approximately 275 million bushels of South Dakota corn will be used for ethanol by December 2006.


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