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Texas Low Emission Diesel Requirements Go Into Effect After Hurricane Extension

The 110 Texas counties affected by TxLED

The Texas Low Emission Diesel (TxLED) rule, after being postponed due Hurricane Katrina, is coming into effect today.

The goal of TxLED, an enforceable rule under Texas’ State Implementation Plan (SIP), is to lower emissions of NOx and other pollutants from diesel-powered motor vehicles and non-road equipment. The rule covers 110 counties in the eastern half of Texas, and applies to diesel fuel producers, importers, common carriers, distributors, transporters, bulk terminal operators, and retailers. (Earlier post.)

The rule requires that diesel fuel produced for delivery and ultimate sale to the consumer—for both on and non-road use—must contain less than 10% by volume of aromatic hydrocarbons and must have a cetane number of 48 or greater.

Originally adopted in 2000, the rule was due for implementation in April 2005. That was changed to a 1 October 2005 implementation date, which in turn was extended to 1 Nov in the aftermath of the hurricanes.

Biodiesel is not by default an approved solution for TxLED, either as an additive or neat (B100).


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