U. of Manchester Awarded £6M to Develop Light Alloys for Transportation
Iowa Grants for Expanding BioFuels Refueling Locations

Hyundai to Partner with LS Group and LG Chem on Hybrids

Chosun Ilbo. Hyundai Motor Group announced it will collaborate with the LS Group and LG Chem on the development of hybrid cars. Hyundai recently introduced a mild hybrid version of its Accent. (Earlier post.)

Hyundai will work with industrial electrical goods supplier LS Group on hybrid components such as motors, power transmissions, inverters and wires. The two companies already set up a joint research and development team and plan a joint venture to make the hybrid car components.

LG Chem will supply lithium-ion polymer batteries it is developing under a US$4.6 million contract from the United States Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC). LG Chem and Compact Power Inc. (CPI, LG Chem’s US battery system research institute) are jointly carrying out the project.

In 2002, an electric vehicle powered by an LG lithium-ion polymer battery set a world record for electric vehicles in the US Pikes Peak International Hill Climb auto rally, winning with a time of 15 minutes, 18.64 seconds and breaking the record set by Honda’s NiMH battery vehicle on 1999.

This car is on the cutting edge of electric-powered technology. Some day, the world’s supply of oil is going to run out and this will be the car of the future.

—Tim Eckert, driver of the winning ER2 EV in 2002



But they are not the first to develop such a car. But it can work in Japan or Korea where they have stations for the batteries not in the States or in Europe that are far behind the technology.

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