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Opus Diesel Series-Hybrid Bus CARB-Certified

The Opus diesel series-hybrid

The Optima Bus Opus diesel series-hybrid low-floor bus recently received certification by the California Air Resources Board for meeting California emissions standards and regulations.

The Opus Hybrid uses an ISE-Siemens series-hybrid powertrain, and is projected to reduce fuel consumption (and associated emissions) between 20% to 40%, depending upon the route and driving patterns.

Optima Bus Corporation has made a commitment to provide the transit industry with low-emissions, environmentally friendly, durable under-30’ and -35’ buses. California has more stringent emissions standards than anywhere in the country, so receiving this certification reinforces our commitment to hybrid technology.

—Michael Monteferrante, CEO Optima Bus Corporation

The diesel hybrid system combines a Siemens ELFA electric drive system with a Cummins ISB 260H engine, integrated and controlled by the ISE ThunderCan hybrid control system. Storage is provided either by a battery pack or an ISE/Maxwell ultracapacitor pack.

The ISE ThunderVolt diesel hybrid system was certified at 1.8g/hp-hr NOx, 0.01g PM, and 15.5g CO, making it the lowest emission diesel drive system of any type for 30-, 40- and 60-foot buses, according to Optima.

Currently, Optima Bus Corporation is the only bus manufacturer that has partnered with ISE Corporation to produce an under-30’ diesel-fueled hybrid bus. Production of the Opus ISE Series-Hybrid Bus will begin in 2006.



two things, out of curiosity:
- if the emissions data was mapped to the passenger vehicle categories such as sulev and pzev, where would this bus be?
- how does this data compare w/a similar CNG bus?

Democracy Catalyst

i wonder if this is compatible with biodiesel, and if they are considering that use for the future?

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