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The future hydrogen station.

During a recent hydrogen safety workshop hosted by the California Fuel Cell partnership for Southern California firefighters (earlier post), a representative of Shell Hydrogen outlined plans to sell hydrogen fuel at a Shell gas station in West Los Angeles by the end of 2006.

The station, which is located at the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Federal Avenue, will continue to dispense gasoline from some pumps after the hydrogen pumps are installed.

Brad Smith, U.S. Manager of Asset Development and Operations for Shell Hydrogen, stated that Shell is committed to producing the hydrogen at the station using renewable energy. A similar station, which Shell says is the first integrated gasoline/hydrogen station in North America, opened in Washington, DC this year (earlier post), and was visited by President Bush in May. Currently, hydrogen is trucked in to the DC station in liquid form.

Asked if Shell had set a target retail price for hydrogen fuel, Smith said that “industry must be able to deliver hydrogen to consumers at a competitive price compared to the next best alternative, which in all likelihood will still be gasoline. This means that on a cost per mile basis, hydrogen needs to be equivalent to gasoline.”

About 20 to 30 hydrogen fuel-cell cars are currently operating on Southern California roads.

—Jack Rosebro



keep us updated, Mike, I'd like to check this out when it opens.

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