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Sichuan FAW Toyota Starts Prius Production in China

Toyota Motor announced that Sichuan FAW Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. (SFTM), a joint-venture vehicle production company established with China FAW Group Corporation (FAW), has begun assembling the Prius hybrid in China as planned. SFTM held a ceremony today marking the beginning of production at a Sichuan FAW plant in Jilin Province, China.

TMC and FAW reached an agreement in September 2004 to locally produce the Prius—the first hybrid vehicle to be built in China under China’s new national hybrid vehicle certification system, which came into effect 1 October.

In addition to China’s new automobile policy that encourages the use of hybrid vehicles, the introduction of emission regulations on par with those in Europe and the United States is also moving forward.

To respond to such government policies as quickly as possible, FAW and TMC came together in deciding to introduce the Prius to the Chinese market. TMC is truly proud that the first-ever production of the Prius outside Japan has begun, and it is my strong wish that the Prius built here in Changchun will contribute to the widespread use of hybrid vehicles in China.

—TMC Executive Vice President Yoshimi Inaba

This marks Toyota’s first production of a hybrid vehicle outside of Japan.

The price of the Chinese-built Prius will be between 288,000 and 302,000 Chinese yuan ($35,680-$37,410), with 3,000 units being planned for sale in 2006. Internet orders are scheduled to start on Dec. 16.



....please tell me that these cars will only be sold in china and not elsewhere in the world?
i would like my prius to be trouble free.


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I can't be the only one thinking that the price quoted must be a mistake. How could a Prius produced in China for the chinese market be more expensive than a japanese made one for the japanese market.

I found the original release, and sure the numbers are there too:


Then I spend half an hour looking for a contact email for Toyota. THERE IS NONE ON THE WEBSITE. A total (expletive) joke.

Fails me to understand how you could not put contact information on the news release itself, much less not having any of that on your website, wether you a local florist or, say, the 2nd largest global auto maker.


Maybe someone knows enough chinese to find out the price from http://www.prius.com.cn/ ?


The price is still the same.
288,000 to 302,000 yuan. That's $35,666.08 to $37,399.84 at today's exchange rate.


that price is correct...i live in china and was interested in buying a prius (pollution here is horrendous), but its out of my price bracket

i saw an article on tv where people were being asked about it...they all said teh technology was good, and made sense as fuel is so expensive (although its much cheaper here than in the west), but if you could afford a car that expensive, you may as well buy a german one


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