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Corpus Christi Plugs In to Plug-ins

The Corpus Christi, Texas City Council approved a resolution directing the City manager to develop a program to encourage the future purchase of plug-in hybrids for the City fleet.

As a result of the vote, the city will support state and federal policies promoting plug-ins, and work with other local governments and organization to encourage the manufacture and the purchase of plug-ins. There is no funding or immediate Council action attendant to the vote.

The vote came as an endorsement of the campaign for the development of plug-in hybrids being spearheaded by Austin Energy. (Earlier post.)

Austin Energy is organizing a “Plug-In Hybrid 50-City Plan” that is intended to build a market for plug-in hybrid vehicles around the country. The 50-City Plan seeks support from utilities to develop $50-$100 million in incentives from utilities for PHEV procurement and fleet purchase commitments by government, private businesses and consumers.

The utility is also a key member of the Plug-In Partners campaign, which is officially launching a national campaign on 24 January.



Just exactly where are these "plug-in" hybrids that they plan to purchase?


There are right over there next to the unicorns and dragons. Enough talk about Plug-in Hybrids.
Will they ever become a reality?


A city fleet consist of more than just cars and trucks. If it is anything like here than they will also own a lot of vehiculs that drive slower than 35mph and those are excellent for plug-in hybrids


It looks like a phev Toyota Echo is in the works.

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