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Suzuki to Bring Subcompact Swift to North America


Nikkei. Suzuki Motor announced that it will export its new Swift subcompact to North America as early as 2007 to take advantage of a growing demand for fuel-efficient vehicles.

Suzuki unveiled the new Swift in March 2005 at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show. The subcompact is a global car—designed for world markets, it is to be manufactured in Hungary, Japan, China and India. (Suzuki is the largest seller of consumer cars in India.) (Earlier post.)

The new Swift comes with a choice of three upgraded engines: 1.3- and 1.5-liter gasoline (the latter with variable valve timing), and a 1.3-liter turbocharged diesel. Suzuki is sourcing the 1.3-liter diesel from Fiat and Opel, and has licensed the technology to manufacture those engines at its Indian subsidiary Maruti Udyong from the end of 2006.

Suzuki New Swift
1.3L1.5L1.3L Diesel
Displacement cc 1,328 1,490 1,248
Cylinders / Valves 4 /4 4 / 4 4 / 4
Power kW (hp) 68 (91) 75 (101) 51 (68)
Torque Nm (lb-ft) 116 (86) 133 (98) 170 (125)
Top speed km/h (mph) 175 (109) 185 (115) 165 (103)
Acceleration secs. (0–100 km/h) 11.0 10.0 14.2
Fuel consumption l/100km 6.1 6.5 4.6
Fuel economy mpg US 39 36 51
CO2 g/km 143 159 122

Suzuki has not indicated which powertrain options it would make available in North America.

The domestic [Japanese] small car market will not grow any further. We will maintain a high level of investments, particularly overseas.

—Suzuki Chairman Osamu Suzuki

The carmaker is aiming for a 10% increase in global production to 2.34 million units in 2006. It plans to boost overseas manufacturing by 16% to 1.2 million vehicles, exceeding domestic production. The firm will start operating its second plant in India and raise capacity by 30% to 200,000 units at its Hungarian plant. In Europe, the company projects a 17% rise in sales to 310,000 units for 2006, mainly of its Swift model.



So within 1 year we'll have:

And all the big 3 can come up with is a new aveo?

Mike GR

"Suzuki has not indicated which powertrain options it would make available in North America."

It probably will only be the 1.5 (except maybe in Mexico). Too bad. It would have been nice to have the 1.3 diesel to run on biodiesel.

Last time I mentioned Suzuki someone told me that they were doing business in Burma with a totalitarian regime or something like that. Anybody has more info on that?


I thought DaimlerChrysler was seriously thinking of Smart.
The market seems a bit up-end. Well.. once again, that's the feature of big 3. They are not either slow or unwilling to be the leaders of the industry.

On the other hand, I'm also waiting for Mitsubishi Colt and Mazda 2.


So within 1 year we'll have:

And all the big 3 can come up with is a new aveo?

and we need them why? the yaris and fit are both, realisticly-speaking, pretty useless cars when compared to the corolla and civic. is this any different? if the diesel model was available, it would make some sense, but i HIGHLY doubt that's going to be the case.
and DM is seriously thinking about SMART - it's just not available in the US, despite being rather successful in canada.


Read the specs more carefuly. All of these cars get better city fuel economy than the Corolla or Civic while costing thousands less. All are hatch backs. Where is the Civic and Corolla hatch? The Versa gets a combined 38mpg city/highway. Show me another $12k car that can do that. Ford, GM and DCX are all missing in this segment. They don't have anything that gets even close to the practicality and low fuel consumption of these cars. Diesel is still a couple of years away in this county.

Still waiting for an anouncement about the Mazda2


With fuel prices rising seemingly by the minute, US buyers are offered more and more "European" (or Japanese, for that matter) models.

Whoever thinks that the Fit or the Yaris are pretty useless cars, never sat in one of them. For up to two people they are just perfect grocery-haulers with additional seats for emergencies or small kids. In an urban environment you simply don't need more car (admitted, European city streets tend to be a bit narrower than boulevards in Miami).

And well, maybe an Audi TT is faster around the corner than a Yaris. But a Yaris still runs circles around any full-size SUV.


GM has the Aveo, which seems to actually be a pretty decent car, and I'm pretty sure Ford will decide to bring the Fiesta out if the others do well.


DM won't be bringing the Smart t the US until after the ZAP contract for them is up.

You can get a Smart in the US via ZAP though :

The Swift wuld have to be pretty inexspensive to compete with even the Insight. even the 1.5L is only as quick as the Insight's 1.0; and gets 1/2 the fuel milage. Unless it is under $14,000 USD I don't see what the point would be.

They'd be better off bringing back the 1.3L turbo from the old Swifts and pushing 200hp+ and compete with the Civic Si imo.


Well, Canada has the Swift+ already - and it is the same car as the Aveo/Wave, which is also offered here.

So are we getting a newer version of the Swift, or are we just getting the same Daewoo version already being made? Which, BTW, is far pooer in fuel economy than the outgoing model that was built at CAMI in Ontario.

With my smart getting 75 mpg lifetime average, and up to 113 mpg on some trips, it would take a lot to convince me to switch to another 'sub-compact'.

marc wellman

I am a Canadian that lives in China. My wife and I took the Swift for a demo ride today and we will BUY IT! It is fantastic! This was the 1.5 L version. Price is about 85 thousand yuan (about 6.3 to CDN dollar)
I liked it very much and after owning several Suzuki motorcycles in the past, the quality is assured.
My two cents worth of comment.


I'm from Toronto, Canada and just bought a 2006 Swift +S and am very happy with it so far. I find it alot quieter than the Yaris. I also find it alot roomier than the Yaris, I'm 6 feet tall and 240lbs and find the Swift very comfortable. It has alot of pep for a small car. The one I got looks exactly like the Aveo, anybody know if the 2007 release, in Canada, will look like the one above?


I hope this Swift for USA, is a Suzuki made not Daewoo's.
I am waiting for the Yaris to come to USA., but after hearing Suzuki not only would bring the Swift but the SX4 suv crossover, I would wait until I see them.
I need a quality transportation, not a problematic car like the Aveo.

robert haas

I just boght a 2006 toyota corolla LE what a great car I git an average of 37MPG city and highway with a stick shift why buy a yaris or honda fit they get less MPG and their a lot smaller like to see a toyota with a diesel ford and gm are to dumb to beat the japs to the punch and put out the first diesel forget the vw diesel over priced junk


I own the new 1.5 litre Suzuki swift (Australia) and can tell you it is really fun to drive and is one of the only mini's that is not UGLY (read Yaris) Plenty of room inside does not feel at all like a small car to drive. Fuel econimy is good unless you decide to play boy racer which is tempting in this little car. Most fun I have had since I sold my old Mini Cooper 20 years ago.


Why cant the "Big-3" develop a 3 cyl deisel engine and put it in a small truck? Have a 6 speed manual tranny to get torque out of it. Jeez. Oh yeah, my last fill-up cost 58 bucks in my Silverado (2wd 5.3). Got 18 mpg at 75 mph between Nashville and Birmingham. My bud at work has the same truck except 4wd. We carpool the 50 mile round trip every day to work to save gas, but I have to put up with his constant farting.

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