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Toyota Launches Redesigned Estima Minivan in Japan; New Hybrid Version to Follow

The new Estima

Toyota announced today that it has begun nationwide sales in Japan of the completely redesigned Estima minivan.

Toyota first launched the Estima in 1990. In 2001, it introduced a hybrid version of the Estima (only in Japan), and has sold about 27,000 of them, making it the second-highest selling hybrid in Toyota’s lineup as of November of 2005. (Earlier post.)

The redesigned Estima offers a choice of a 3.5-liter V6 coupled with a new six-speed automatic transmission and a 2.4-liter inline-four coupled with a continuously variable transmission.

Prototype of a new hybrid Estima

Toyota did not introduce a new hybrid version of the van at this point, although it intends to put a redesigned hybrid version out for the Japanese market later this year. Toyota did, however, reveal a prototype of a new hybrid Estima at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2005.

The hybrid concept used a 2.4-liter engine with an updated version of Hybrid Synergy Drive using two independent electric motors (front and rear axles). The system delivers 1.5kW of power that can be used for external accessories, and exhaust heat recovery to warm up the engine or contribute to cabin heating.

Redesigned Estima Minivan (non-hybrid)
Displacement 2,362 cc 3,456 cc
Power 125 kW ( hp) 206 kW
Torque 224 Nm 344 Nm
Fuel consumption (l/100km) 8.1 FWD; 8.8 4WD 10.2 FWD; 10.6 4WD
Fuel economy (mpg US) 29.2 FWD; 26.8 4WD 23.1 FWD; 22.1 4WD


Alicia Snow

Am very interested in buying a hybrid minivan. Is it possible for a privatge person to import such a van for personal use?

Alicia Snow

Am very interested in buying a hybrid minivan. Is it possible for a privatge person to import such a van for personal use?

Fathimath Zubaidha

I like hybird minivan how much i have to pay this why don't you giving to installment? i have these kind of van but it's old so i need new one also i am doing passenger sevice business


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