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February 2006

February 28, 2006

Land Rover Concept Showcases Hybrid System and Other Technologies for 30% Reduction in Fuel Consumption

The Land_e technology concept

Ford’s Land Rover is showcasing a range of new technologies including a new mild hybrid drive—collectively known as the e-Terrain System—that, as an integrated system, can reduce both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 30%.

Packaged into the Land_e concept vehicle, the e_Terrain technologies are targeting sub-150 g/km CO2 figures—equivalent to a combined fuel economy figure of about 5.65 l/100km (41.6 mpg US) in a vehicle similar in size to the current Freelander.


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Mitsubishi Introduces the Concept-EZ MIEV

Concept-EZ MIEV

Mitsubishi Motors introduced the Concept-EZ MIEV 4WD mono-box concept car at the 76th Geneva International Motor Show that began today.

The Concept-EZ MIEV (Mitsubishi In-wheel motor Electric Vehicle) showcases another application of the company’s MIEV concept for next-generation electric vehicles using in-wheel motors and a high energy-density lithium-ion battery system as core technologies.


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Toyota Announces More Details and Pricing for Lexus GS 450h Hybrid

Lexus GS 450h

Toyota will put the 2007 Lexus GS 450h (earlier post), the world’s first luxury performance hybrid sedan, on sale in early May with a base price of $54,900.

The GS 450h uses a completely new powertrain that combines a 3.5-liter V6 engine with a new compact, high-output, permanent magnet electric motor that drives the rear wheels. The transmission utilizes an advanced two-stage motor torque multiplication device for the Electronic Continuously Variable Transmission (ECVT) motor, delivering responsive and seamless acceleration with no power loss.


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Dodge Introduces Hornet Subcompact Concept to Europe

Dodge Hornet

At the Geneva show, the Chrysler group is introducing the Dodge Hornet, a new subcompact B-segment concept vehicle for the European and international markets.

The Hornet uses a 1.6-liter 16-valve OHC supercharged four-cylinder engine putting out 127 kW (170 hp) and 224 Nm of torque @4,000 rpm. A raised plateau on the hood features a recessed scoop on the driver’s side to funnel air to the engine air box.


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International Truck Evaluating Several Enova Hybrid Drive Applications

One application of the versatile International 4200-series medium-duty truck.

Enova Systems announced today that it is working with and evaluating hybrid drive systems for International Truck and Engine Corporation (International). Enova confirmed it delivered a post-transmission 120 kW parallel hybrid-electric drive application in an International 4200-series medium-duty truck to the company in November 2005.

The delivery of the truck is in addition to a prototype hybrid drive school bus delivered to IC Corp in January 2006. (Earlier post.) Both the 4200 series truck and the School Bus are currently being evaluated by International at their Fort Wayne Technical Center.


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VW Introduces 60-MPG Diesel Polo Bluemotion at Geneva Show

Polo Bluemotion

In Geneva, Volkswagen is presenting its first series production vehicle under the new BlueMotion banner: the Polo BlueMotion.

The Polo Bluemotion uses a modified version of the 3-cylinder 1.4-liter TDI diesel engine in the conventional Polo to produce the same power output—59 kW (79 hp)—and torque—195 Nm—but with a reduction in fuel consumption of 11% (0.5 liters/100km) to 3.9 liters/100km (60 mpg US).


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Mayor of London Plans for 70 New Hydrogen-Fueled Vehicles by 2010

A Mercedes-Benz Citaro fuel-cell bus in London Bus livery.

The Mayor of London plans to introduce 70 new hydrogen vehicles to London by 2010 and is asking the transport industry to get ready to deliver the necessary vehicles and refueling technology.

Currently there are three hydrogen fuel-cell buses in trials in London (Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses) as part of the larger CUTE (Clean Urban Transport for Europe) project—the first volume production test for fuel-cell buses. (Earlier post.)


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February 27, 2006

Team Sets Sights on Solar Car Distance Record

Preliminary route map for the Power of One distance run.

A multinational team (primarily Canadian and Brazilian) is targeting a world distance record in a solar-powered electric vehicle.

The Power of One (xof1) project is planning a 22,900-kilometer (14,230-mile) run, mainly through Canada. The tour would start in Toronto, then head east to St.John’s (Atlantic ocean), west to Victoria (Pacific Ocean), north to Inuvik (Arctic ocean) and back again.


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GM Introduces 400hp, E100 BioPower Concept Saab

The front-opening canopy on the Saab Aero X E100 concept

GM is unveiling the Saab Aero X two-seater sports coupé concept at the Geneva motor show. Taking design cues from Saab’s aviation heritage, the Aero X has no door or windshield pillars; the car adopts a cockpit canopy instead.

The Aero X features a new 400 hp (298 kW), twin-turbo, BioPower V6 engine that is fueled entirely by ethanol (E100), thereby offering net zero tank-to-wheel CO2 emissions.


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Toyota and Hino to Run Fuel-Cell Hybrid Bus Trial Near Chubu Airport

FHCV fuel-cell bus. Click to enlarge to see the happy molecules decorating the bus.

Toyota and Hino (the heavy-duty vehicle subsidiary of Toyota) will put a FHCV fuel-cell hybrid bus into limited service for two weeks on a route near the Chubu Centrair International Airport near Nagoya, Japan.

Chitanoriai Company will use the FCHV-Bus to link Nagoya Railroad’s Tokoname Station, located close to the airport on a man-made island, and Chita Handa Station. The bus will make a round trip to link the two stations once a day.


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