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Biomethane Focus for Sustainable Transportation in Europe

Biomethane is emerging as a key area of focus for the natural gas vehicle industry in Europe, according to an industry panel and press conference held at the annual meeting of the European Natural Gas Vehicle Association this week in Brussels.

Biomethane, also called biogas, is identical to conventional fossil-fuel natural gas in terms of fuel use and emissions, but is carbon neutral in that the CO2 emissions from biomethane vehicles (a) are from renewable sources and (b) would have been emitted to the atmosphere anyway in the form of the more potent greenhouse gas methane.

We have made this technology a top priority. This is the only way forward.

—Lena Sommestad, Minister for the Environment in the Swedish Ministry for Sustainable Development

Sweden is the recognized leader in biomethane development and projects. However, progress is slow, even for that country.

We are at a pivot point. After being in the NGV market for more than ten years, we are still waiting for the big breakthrough. We need to sell many, many, many more cars.

Fossil natural gas has to be phased out and replaced by renewable methane.

—Lex Kerssemakers, Volvo senior VP for brand, business and product strategy.

NGV Global reported that ENGVA Chairman Peter Boisen claimed that if prioritized by the European Government, methane gas could provide a 77% renewable share of transport fuels by 2030, with hybridization of commuter and distribution fleets saving a further 15%.



I would like to see someone make a thick recycled plastic box, about 10'X10' with a Lid. You could bury it in your backyard and fill it with animal waste. When the digestion process started you would have a free source of Methane for some unknown period of time.

When things slowed down you would have great potting soil and could refill and start the process all over.

tom deplume

Raw biogas has a large percentage of CO2 and some H2O which large facilities can remove before use. Homemade biogas is used in India as a low btu cooking fuel. Its btu value may be too low for our household appliances.

allen zheng

Sewage treatment plant waste water is full of organic material. How about using it along with CO2 from a local power plant to create algae oil? I've also heard of bio-electric methods of making hydrogen with organic rich waste water, bacteria and a bit of electricity.

Max Reid

Bio-gas is used in Indian villages as cooking fuel and that gas stove is slightly different in design than conventional natural gas stove.

The food plants in US can use it to generate power / heat in their plants.

Eric Dexter

I have just started to see the ethonal kits get into the newspaper as being a way to reduce your fuel costs. I have yet to see anyone come up with a do it yourself kit for algae. As I understand it you may be able to use it for cooking oil also and in ethonal production.

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