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General Hydrogen Makes First OEM Sale of Fuel-Cell Power Pack

Hydricity-powered fork lift

General Hydrogen Corporation, a provider of hydrogen fuel-cell power packs as battery replacement technology for electric forklifts and other industrial vehicles, announced the commercial sale of a Hydricity Pack to Cat Lift Trucks of Houston, Texas, to be delivered in July, 2006.

Cat Lift Trucks, a global leader in the material handling industry, will use the pack in a Class 1 battery-electric forklift.

Importantly, this is our first commercial sale to a forklift manufacturer. This, together with our other recent commercial sales and deliveries to end user customers, demonstrates the growing confidence in the economics, performance and attributes of our drop-in technology, which does not require any equipment retrofitting.

—Frank Trotter, President and CEO, General Hydrogen

The Hydricity power packs, built around a Ballard fuel cell, can triple the runtime of battery-electric forklifts to 18 hours with constant voltage output, and can refuel in 3 minutes or less.

In November 2005 Bridgestone/Firestone Tire ordered Hydricity Packs as replacements for conventional lead-acid batteries in material handling vehicles in its Warren County, Tennessee plant. (Earlier post.)



Their on-line store is closed?
Although they do list a portable generator and fuel cylinders.


too bad honda and toyota have been doing this for months now. though it IS good to see GM trying to catch up. better late than never.


Fork lifts are one of the specialized markets for hydrogen that can live with $3000/kW fuel source. Why? Those forklifts are used in big food distribution centers where they cannot use gasoline, diesel or even propane or alcohols(due to food safety rules) The only alternative before fuel cell was battery. The problem with battery packs was long recharge time and need to swap them from fork lifts.

A lot of time those forklifts are used 24 hours a day. In a 24 hour work day, each fork lift required swap of 3 battery packs. You can imagine all neccessery equipment to charge and swap those battery packs. Compared to batteries, it takes 3 minutes to recharge hydrogen and no heavy battery swaps are necessary.

Honda or Toyota have they development automobiles but those are not in a production yet and are still super expensive. This fork lift, on the other hand, is comercializable or at least close to comercialization. I'm happy to see them succeed in pulling it off.

Rocky Whitham

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Kim Smith

We used to purchase all our parts to repair our a href="">industrial forklifts. I recommend them to all our neighbors, their customer service is exceptional they helped us every step of the way. Thank you Shoppa!

Kim Smith

We used to purchase all our parts to repair our industrial forklifts. I recommend them to all our neighbors, their customer service is exceptional they helped us every step of the way. Thank you Shoppa!

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