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New All-Electric City Car: the Maranello4


London-based Sakura Battery Company and Italian commercial vehicle manufacturer EFFIDI are introducing a new all-electric city car in the UK: the Maranello4.

Designed around a stainless steel chassis, the two-seater has a top speed of 30 mph and a range of around 45 miles per charge. It is exempt from the London congestion charge and parking is free in many areas.

Homologated as a quadracycle, the vehicle has a motor with rated output of 4 kW. The battery is a 48V, 220-amp lead-acid gel pack, and the controller limit is 350 amps.

The partners are developing a diesel-electric hybrid version that will offer a top speed of 50 mph and a range of 250 miles.

The Maranello4 starts at £9,950 (US$18,775) and offers a 3-year unlimited mileage warranty on the car and a 2-year warranty on the battery.

Sakura Battery Co. Ltd. was established in 1992, and with more than 150 dealers is the largest supplier of electric bikes in the UK. EFFIDI Automotive Group is the third largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in Italy, and is also a manufacturer of small city cars.



Ten grand? For a car that only does 45miles. And tops out at 30mph. Sod that.
Why are we still waiting for someone to make an electric comuter car that costs less than a real car?
Only someone very well off could afford this, we need real pragmatic sollutions to congestion and pollution, not play things for the rich.

Bud Johns

Try 18 grand!! What a deal!! I'm selling my prius and getting one.........


At least the Prius is a real car that can carry 4 adults in reletive comfort and keep up with traffic outside of town and do more than 45 miles.

The Anonymous Poster

I love EVs, but this one looks like a two-seat Pontiac Aztek. Hideous!


Why not just buy a golf cart? How much in design did they spend with an Italian designer. Get real.

gerald earl

Needs to be a city zip car.Not worth owning.Could be useful in most congested cities.Some city people only need a car on occasion.If these were availlable to rent they could fill that need.


Why can all these startup EV company get it thru their
head ! Lead acid batteries are NOT appropriate for electric traction !
Too much weight and too little power.
Cost maybe a issue but new lithium ion batteries
are more powerful and lighter and more durable ...
Also limiting the speed of such car to 50 km/h is silly.
I would be scared to death of driving in regular traffic
with a car that max out at 30 mph. I think it's a serious
safety issue because other drivers may get impatient and pull very stupid stunts...


Here in the US (most states atleast), one can market a vehicle without going through the usual certifications if the car is limited to 25MPH (40kmh). Maybe the rules are similar to where this vehicle is going to be sold? The market in the US for vehicles of this type (called Neighborhood Electric Vehicles by some) is 100,000 units per year.


Anyone else think it looks like a Tango?

hampden wireless

A Prius with a plug in kit looks better all the time. Even it that kit is $9000.

An edrive system can match most of the specs of the above in a real car. Need to go faster then 35mph? You can, the gas engine will turn on but you can.


it is targeted at people who are almost willing to buy a scooter to get through traffic in London, but have a job that they have to be dry for. in some parts of the city, the free parking would practically pay for the vehicle.

for people coming in from outside the city, there is a congestion charge of 5 pounds/day (~$10) just to drive inside the city limits. electric vehicles don't have to pay. just avoiding this the $10/day would pay for the vehicle after three years commuting.

top speed doesn't matter in london or most other cities during rush hour.


That's assuming you go in a congestion zone seven days a week. And ignoring public transport.


Man have I got a deal for you.



Similar principle to the Reva which has sold 500 units here in London but at a cost of £8000, and can carry 2 adults and 2 children. I've had one for a year and it's paid for itself driving in and out of central London. But when will we get Lithium Ion batteries and a decent range!


Doesn't your Reva have a top speed of just of 40mph though? What about when you want to travel on motorways? Do you have a seperate car for that? If so eight grand seems a lot to spend when you can just as easily use public transport or taxis.


In 5 years time EVs will be available at a cheaper price and diesel/hybrids will be the norm. This is about changing bad habits. There will be companies who take advantage and those who don't. At the end of the day these customers are just trying to find a balance between being socially responsible and making their investors money. People who can afford these vehicles tday are really just lab rats for the manufacturers, goverment policy makers and the society.

Mike Boxwell

It's good news that another electric vehicle is available - even if this one costs a lot more than the G-Wiz (whose prices start at £6999 - $13020), is slower and has less space.

It is good news because it increases the choice of vehicles available and will help other manufacturers take note.

Range is still an issue, but most battery technologies still rule themselves out on cost alone. Lead Acid Gel is heavy, but it is comparatively cheap, and I suspect that most low-cost electric cars will keep this technology - or possibly migrate to the silicone-gel battery - for a few year to come.

Another electric car is going to become available in England at the end of the year. This one is a bit bigger, a bit faster and a bit more powerful. Very little is known yet, but we're talking 60mph, 90 mile range, five seats and five doors, with a starting price of under £11,000 ($20,450) - only £1000 more than the Maranello 4.

I know which one I'd prefer....


Hi guy’s,

That Maranello4 looks a bit claustrophobic to me, needs larger windows if it’s going to be so small.

As a rule I think E.V’s are a great idea, more environmentally friendly, comparatively low maintenance and economical to run, what more could a woman want? Giggle.

Slower cars could be designed to look quite funky and if they are cheap enough, people will buy them and they will become popular. We must change the way we think about transport, we should be thinking the term “environmentally friendly” is the new “Cool” and not “speed”. I don’t mean to be party-pooper; I’m just moving with the times and as need dictates. Happy motoring!

Hugh E Webber

It DOES look like a Tango. I might buy a Tango, though; they do 0-60 mph in 4 seconds! I once rented and drove an EV1, and can't buy anything to match it...yet.


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