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Nidec Developing Electric Motors for Hybrid Cars

Japan’s Nidec Corporation, the world’s leading manufacturer of motors for hard-disk drives, plans to start mass-producing electric motors for hybrid vehicles in 2008 or 2009.

The company has already begun developing hybrid-vehicle electric motors with outputs of 10 kW or greater in its mid-size motors business segment. Although Nidec’s sales in the mid-size segment have been increasing, the unit’s losses are also increasing.

Nidec hopes that its expansion into the hybrid-vehicle motor market will help it increase its mid-size motor sales from ¥37.8 billion to ¥100 billion (US$895 million) by fiscal 2012, according to a report in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun.

The company hopes to more than double sales of its automobile motor lineup (which also includes power steering motors) to up to ¥50 billion in fiscal 2008.




I wish someone would start offering suitable motors+controllers to hobbyists who would be interested in building thier own hybrids/EVs.

So far all companies that I have emailed or called just ignore my request(s).


You may want to consider joining the EV list where hobbyist discuss various topics related to this topic. A general search should come up with numerous references to motor / controller combinations.


EV World has lots of good links for conversion suppliers.

shaun has also been around for several years and will seel you the parts you want a la carte instead of kit format.

they had some rad drag cars for a while too, including a 300 Vdc golf cart that could do a wheelie for 50 feet, so they can provide advice about performance issue.


Thanks for the links, but these motors still seem horribly heavy for their power output when compared to what is being offered to OEMs.


Ahhhh I see. These all appear to be true DC motors.
Not the much more efficiency AC motors used by Honda and Toyota (aka brushless DC)

Michael Burger

Oops! Isn't an auto becoming merely an engorged laptop with wheels? So why not Moore'law... I expect a top of the line car for about $5000. US in 7 or 8 years. Also
saving fuel and wear and tear is the virtual trip.
Blue skies, no problems. Mike


There's the more popular DC-brushless, but also the Synchonous AC induction type (EV1?). I am curious about expert opinions/excerpts on a comparison. All I read on the net is that AC provides more low RPM torque. I im unterested in real achievable efficiency difference, cost diff, size diff, weight diff, durability diff, and complexity diff. Anyone please?



Here's a link to one company selling ac motors, there are also quite a few others.

i only know from what i've read elsewhere: AC motors more efficient at all rpms almost completley doing away with the need for a transmission. you might want to ask more questions at


Here is a maker of AC motors for EVs. You have to sign an agreement to evaluate their products. I don't know of any advanced motor that is available off the shelf.


whoops. Above comment should say ....almost completley doing away with the need for a transmission with multiple gears. : 0




link exchange request


link exchange request

John Apodaca

Hybrid Cars have come a long way and I am excited about the future of them including electric cars.

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