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Volvo Powers Up on the Diesel for the S40 and V50

The V50 wagon gets a top-end diesel option with combined cycle fuel economy of 33.6 mpg US.

Volvo has rolled out the new high-end diesel engine option, the 177 hp (132 kW) Volvo D5, for the Volvo S40 saloon and V50 Sportswagon in Europe. The company introduced the application in the models in December 2005 at the Bologna Motor Show. (Earlier post.)

The five-cylinder, 2.4-liter turbodiesel is a version of the Volvo D5 engine available with the Volvo S60, V70, XC70 and XC90. In the Volvo S40 saloon and V50 Sportswagon it delivers 177 hp with high levels of torque (350Nm) from 1,750 rpm and a top speed of 140 mph with 0-60 mph possible in 7.9 seconds.

It will initially be available with Geartronic transmission as standard, which is the first time Volvo has offered the combination of diesel power and automatic transmission for the S40 and V50 models. A six-speed manual transmission is due to be available in mid-2007.

Official fuel consumption figures show 24.2 mpg US city, 42.8 mpg US highway and 33.6 mpg US with carbon dioxide emissions of 184 g/km for both models.

The D5 joins the 1.6D (108 hp/80 kW, 129 gCO2/km) and 2.0D (134 hp/100 kW, 154 gCO2/km) four-cylinder diesels currently available in the Volvo S40 saloon range and the 2.0D in the V50 Sportswagon range. The compact D5 engine will also be fitted to the new Volvo C70 during 2006.


allen zheng

It needs better gearing for lower speeds. Perhaps a transmission option that sacrifices max speed for another gear ratio in the low ratio range.

allen zheng

That may improve fuel efficiency in the low end. On the other hand, what is the performance of its turbo (turbo lag)?

Rafael Seidl

Allen -

modern turbochargers such as those used by Volvo have ~0.4s lag during full acceleration in first gear, starting from an idling engine. Basically, you don't notice it at all. I don't have the numbers for Volvo's models, but Mercedes and BMW use chargers that rev up to 220,000 RPM at full power.

shaun mann

another vehicle that makes more sense than that silly modified equinox from the challenge-x.

yay for Ford (which owns Volvo)

the low mpg in city driving may have something to do with it's mass (fairly ignorable at freeway speed, vitally important for stop-start city fuel efficiency)


Dont know much about them but would be a good alternative to more expensive/larger diesel vehicles we are seeing. Based gas models around 24-27K


220,000 rpm at full power? that is pretty fast.

i haven't followed charger improvements but a tenth of that speed would have been high a few years ago.


The beauty of 5 balance shafts, chains...firing every 72* means all pistons are at constantly different attitudes. This may be the quietest diesel ever.


Smaller turbochargers have always sustained high rpms for producing power (based on the compressor efficiency maps for the individual turbos).

The Garrett T-25 in use on the 95-99 Mitsubishi Eclipse/ Eagle Talon (among other cars) was most efficient at around 100,000rpm. Hardly 200,000rpm but much greater than a 1/10th of that speed.


A turbo spins very fast; most peak between 80,000 and 150,000 rpm (using low inertia turbos, 190,000 rpm) depending on size, weight of the rotating parts, boost pressure developed and compressor design. From wikipedia. Google is your friend.


P.S. Ford had nothing to do with this, they just own Volvo, DUH! It was Volvo's swedish engineers.


P.S. Ford had nothing to do with this, they just own Volvo, DUH! It was Volvo's swedish engineers.


So the obvious question (for me) - will Volvo bring the diesel wagon to the United States???

And if not - why not? VW TDI wagons are tough to find - and nobody sells diesel wagons (in the states).



Same question as you michael: So where is the US island in this global mid sized new diesel vehicle movement. When is the Volvo coming here to dovetail with our better-late-than-never, low-sulfur diesel ?
What other mid sized passenger vehicles, mid sized vans & suvs are coming out in diesel for the US of the American and when?

I cannot get a word out of the big three here and local dealers do not have a clue (or don't want to know, given their overstocked inventory of gass guzzlers these days)..


How bout it...Id go with local manufacturers dont have a clue?


With the new ultra low sulfur diesel regulations in the United States, I hope Volvo,VW, and other European automakers will offer their full line of Diesel vehicles in America & Canada too!! Emission standards can be met, even in California!

Joseph Powell


Is the 1909 VOLVO Diesel (right handed
to exit car on sidewalk side to avoid
bike lane traffic and aggressive drivers Is car available in any foreign countries with low dollar exchange rate?

Canadian possibility? (so I can drive
it to Philadelphia. Or if driven for
two weeks in foreign country so it can be shipped to me in New York or Phila.
port at low cost under VOLVO's special
low shipping cost import policy?

If arrangement are satisfactory, I am
considering buying 6 of the 1909 VOLVO
diesels with above primary features.
I will soon activate our Civic Assoc.
from my existing "watchdog" category.

Mayor John Street did nothing for our nieghborhood during his eight (8)
years in office so there was no need
to sign petitions to him or our
District Councilman who fails to represent We The People in so many ways.

Mayor Michael Nutter (90 day good start
begain in January 2008) seems to be
soliciting good input from We The People I expect he will become a very good
Mayor if he follows thru on Government for We The People. If he follows through
it is likely he can become Governor of PA. in four or eight years.

Regardless, I believe Senior Citizens are seriously abused in America
(for example, our Social Security
cost of living benefit increased by
2.3 percent beginning January 1, 2008 -

Our PA Legislators decided their cost of
living increase should be 3.4%.
I believe the Federal Reserve should
have a special cost of living index for
Senior Citizens. (My Cost of living
runs above 15 percent per year while
Congress dissipates the available cash
for poor and middle class Senior Citizens

I believe some will buy above cars from us but most of our civic members will
probably prefer to rent these cars under
various options (to minimize capital needs and to secure better "gas" mileage when they need a car.

I had no problem driving on opposite of
road during our Ireland trip where I
expect it would take my usual two weeks
to adapt to opposite side driving similar
to U.S. Postal delivery vehicles in America. Regardless, Senior citizens
buying or renting these cars in Phila.
will be required to be trained concerning
opposite side driving and be approved
via driver education before they will be
allowed to buy or rent our 1909 VOLVO
diesel cars.

Please send me INFO concerning above
model ars AND contact person(s) in relevant European countries where the exchange rate is reasonable. Thank you!

Joseph Powell, March 13, 2008

PS: No time to edit above text.
Anys typos or poor use of the English
were due to my rush comments due
to priorities on important civic
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Account Deleted

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