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Denver RTD Retrofitting 10 Additional Hybrid Shuttle Buses

UQM Technologies has received an order from the Denver Regional Transportation District (Denver RTD) for UQM generators and motor controllers to retrofit an additional ten hybrid electric mall shuttle buses.

Each 45-foot CNG-electric series-hybrid mall shuttle bus will be retrofitted with a 35 kW generator and two UQM power electronic motor controllers to control the operation of the electric propulsion motors currently installed in each bus. In August 2005 UQM received a similar order for seven systems that were delivered during the last eight months. (Earlier post.)

Denver RTD introduced its hybrid-electric fleet of MallRide shuttles in 2000, the first large-scale deployment of hybrid-electric buses for transit use in the United States. A total of 36 MallRide shuttles operate on the 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver providing a free ride for passengers across the 1.3-mile long mall, which connects with the light rail, express and regional Denver RTD services offered at Denver Union Station, Market Street Station and Civic Center Station.

The hybrid-electric MallRide shuttle buses are powered by CNG-fueled 2.5-liter Ford industrial engines that operate at 2,200 rpm that turn the UQM generator to produce electricity to recharge the banks of batteries that power the shuttle. The UQM motor controllers also feature regenerative braking for additional charging capacity.



This is the way downtown should be. The ride is sweet if you so choose, but it's also not a problem to walk the length of the mall. Frequent, ubiquitous, and free.

hameed pousti

I would like to make a recommendation about some of RTD bus drivers who do not respect the environment, our casualties in war, high gas prices, etc. by letting their buses run on an idel engin while sitting in the P & R spots. I have noticed that some of the RTD and affilated mass trans company (sub-contractor) drivers running idel while parked at the P & R locations. some these buses are even running for more than 15 minuts. American people are giving their loved ones lives of casualties of war and paying high gas prices not to mention that idel engine is ruening our nature and environment. I strongly recommend for RTD to step up to control to stop this. thank you!

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