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GM FlexFuel Vehicle Sales Triple in E85 Fuel Card Promotion Markets

Sales of GM’s Chevrolet and GMC flexible-fuel vehicles (FFV) in the Chicago-Rockford and Minnesota markets more than tripled during May 2006 compared to year-ago levels. The two markets are heavily targeted areas of GM’s E85 marketing campaign and are also the markets where GM is offering its $1,000 E85 fuel card promotion. (Earlier post.)

GM sold 2,238 Chevrolet and GMC FFVs in the Minnesota and Chicago-Rockford markets for an increase of 1,543 units compared to May 2005—a 222% increase. Nationally, GM FFV sales increased 128% for the same period.

FFV sales contributed to a strong Impala performance with sales up 15% in Chicago and 25% in Minneapolis. In Chicago, Tahoe, Suburban and Yukon SUVs realized significant sales increases over May 2005 with Yukon showing an 61% sales increase.

The $1,000 E85 fuel card promotion, ending July 31, applies to the purchase of a new 2006 and 2007 FlexFuel GMC Yukon, Yukon XL and Sierra as well as the Chevrolet Tahoe, Suburban, Avalanche, Silverado, Impala and Monte Carlo and offers customers the choice of purchasing E85 ethanol or gasoline at participating Gas City and Road Ranger stations in the Chicago-Rockford market and the Holiday Station Stores, Kwik Trip, Cenex and Freedom locations in Minnesota.

GM currently has nine models available that are E85 ethanol capable with plans to add more than 400,000 FFV vehicles to the fleet in 2006. To aid consumer awareness, GM FFVs will be equipped with yellow gas caps and FlexFuel badges.



For the spouse of the vehicle buyer, they are also handing out tshirts which say, "I'm with stupid".


The $1000 fuel card should only be allowed to buy E85.

Bud Johns

Love the "Im with stupid," perfect. Thanks GM, let's invent new ways to encourage sales of gas hogs. Most of the time, I see one of these go by with 1 person in the car!! OK, we all know that. Sad about GM.

fyi CO2

"GM FFVs will be equipped with yellow gas caps"

Embarassed to say I live in the Chicago area, but we've known for awhile there are many around town with kernels of corn for brains, some may now be wearing a yellow gas cap!

John Ard

So long as we're bashing GM, has anyone seen the new Camaro? Ugly as homemade sin, a horrible interpretation of a beautiful muscle car. And it'll suck gas. :)

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