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BAE Systems Develops Human-in-the-Loop Simulation for Hybrid Design

BAE Systems engineers have developed a human-in-the-loop simulation capability to support the design of Hybrid Electric Drive systems for future vehicles.

BAE Systems has been using modeling and simulation capabilities for more than two decades in the development and integration of combat vehicles and technology, and is now applying this technology for the development of Hybrid Electric Drive vehicles.

BAE provides the hybrid drive in the Orion series-hybrid transit buses.

The technology uses high fidelity, physics-based models running in real time which allow engineers quickly to evaluate how a vehicle responds as the driver in a simulator operates the vehicle on a cross-country terrain environment.

Using this approach, future vehicles are accurately evaluated and optimized in a realistic environment before a hardware prototype is built. As the performance of the vehicle is simulated, engineers can see in real time how their Hybrid Electric Drive concept is performing.

Using the BAE Systems human-in-the-loop development tool, designers have real time access to all engineering and design data to help them optimize their Hybrid Electric Drive concepts. Engineering teams can monitor key data such as how the battery is charging and the traction drive system is performing, then evaluate the overall performance of the vehicle.


allen Z

While simulations are not total replacements for the actual thing, it will help reduce costs and save time.

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