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European Commission Issues Draft Proposal for Type Approval of Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles

In an effort to encourage and speed up the introduction of hydrogen-powered vehicles—combustion-engine and fuel-cell vehicles—the European Commission has issued for consultation from stakeholders and the general public a draft proposal of new rules to ensure the safe operation of such vehicles.

The Commission draft proposal intends to incorporate hydrogen-fueled vehicles in the European type-approval framework, which is necessary to make sure that such vehicles can be marketed in the EU according to common standards.

Stakeholders are invited to comment on the issues covered by the proposal, in particular, whether it would impose any undue burden on manufacturers or suppliers compared to the benefits in terms of safe operation of the vehicles. The closing date for comments is 15 September.

Hydrogen propulsion will reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and improve air quality in Europe. The proposed measures will facilitate the market introduction of such vehicles, thus, could entail a boost for Europe’s competitiveness and a significant improvement to the environment.

—Commission Vice-President Günter Verheugen

The proposal specifies the technical requirements and test procedures for type approval to be applied for the type-approval of any of the elements (hydrogen containers and hydrogen components other than containers) included in the hydrogen fuel system in order to ensure that hydrogen related components are working in a proper and safe way. It includes requirements for the installation of hydrogen components or systems in vehicles.

The proposal addresses both liquid and gaseous (compressed) hydrogen fuel systems and components.




The document for Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles has already been written.
It's called "Waiting for Godot"

allen Z

Unless you get a way to produce cheap environmentally clean H2, with high energy balance and in large enough quantities, Hydrogen will be either a niche solution with the hydrogen economy staying a pipe dream.

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