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Hydrogenics Receives Order for Forklift Fuel-Cell Power Pack from Japan

Hydrogenics Corporation has received an order for a HyPM Fuel Cell Power Pack (FCPP) to be integrated into a Japanese OEM’s Class 1 forklift, with delivery scheduled for late in 2006.

This is the third material handling OEM to trial a Hydrogenics FCPP in their forklift truck platform as a replacement for existing battery technology. Most recently, STILL International, ordered four FCPPs for forklift and airport tug applications. (Earlier post.)

Hydrogenics’ FCPP incorporates the company’s proprietary HyPM 12 Fuel Cell Power Module to handle base load requirements, and energy-storing ultracapacitors to handle load peaks and capture energy through regenerative braking.

Designed to fit within an existing battery pack compartment, the hybrid power pack is easily integrated into such equipment as a Class 1 electric forklift. Interest in FCPPs for this early-adopting application is based on their ability to increase productivity by reducing refueling times, extending run-time between fills, and providing consistent and abundant power while releasing no harmful emissions.


Harvey D.

Seems to be a win-win solution for fork lift operators/users. The addition of super-capacitor boosters is a good idea. What is the long term comparative operation cost?

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