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Oxygen Orders Valence Li-ion Batteries to Power a Fleet of Electric Scooters

An Oxygen cargo scooter.

Oxygen S.p.A., an Italian provider of electric transporters, has placed orders for Valence’s new U-Charge XP lithium-ion battery systems which will power a new line of electric scooters designed for delivery fleets across Europe.

Oxygen will use the U-Charge XP Power System in its cargo scooters, which are designed to address the need for low-cost, efficient transportation in congested urban areas where quiet, pollution-free, low-maintenance vehicles have gained preference.

Oxygen’s initial fleet deployment will start this summer with a major European Postal Service.

The Oxygen electric scooters feature advanced technologies, such as brushless motor, electronic engine control and regenerative braking to recharge the battery. The new scooters will offer a cargo box that can be custom designed to store a variety of commodities, such as parcels, and a range of up to 85 miles (137 km).

The U-Charge XP Power Systems are capable of peak power rates of 500 to 1,700 continuous watts, depending on the model, and are packaged in standard lead-acid sizes and operate at standard lead-acid voltage ranges.

The UEV model is a unique size that has a taller profile for tighter footprint compartments and an 18-volt nominal rating. Each model includes integrated battery monitoring electronics and a communications port to access battery data. As many as 30 of these battery systems can be connected in series for very high voltage applications such as pure electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, marine applications, and power back-up applications.

Current models of the Oxygen scooters use Ni-Zn battery technology and offer ranges of 47 - 62 miles (75 - 100 km).



I would like a noise maker that sounds like a cat purring. That would be a purely positive addition to the bike.


Noise making is NOT the most important...
Fuel Savings & the Distance they go...
This is the CLEAN FUTURE.
Valence Tecnology makes the Lithium Batters
Ticker Symbol: VLNC
Good to look into...


I own 6 oxygen scooters and rent them out to site see the island and they really are great.

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