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SIAM Proposing Testing for CNG-Hydrogen Vehicles in New Delhi

Business Standard. The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) has submitted a proposal to the ministry of non-conventional energy sources to conduct pilot testing of vehicles running on a blend of CNG and 10% hydrogen in New Delhi.

SIAM, which represents the major automakers in India, will collaborate with Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) on the project to evaluate the fuel efficiency of the fuel blend. Indian Oil launched India’s first Hydrogen-CNG (HCNG) fueling station at its R&D Centre at Faridabad near Delhi in 2005 to test blends from 5% to 30%. (Earlier post.)

The government will ultimately decide which type of vehicles will be used in the test, although it is likely that both commercial and non-commercial vehicles will be included.

Talking to Business Standard about the project, Dilip Chenoy, director-general of Siam, said, “The project is a joint initiative of the association and other partners to ensure that the usage of alternative fuels assumes dynamic proportions in the next few years.”

The wheels to frame the project were set in motion in 2005 when Ratan Tata and Anand Mahindra proposed the use of hydrogen in blend with other fuels as an alternative to petrol.

Subsequently, in a core meeting with Finance Minister P Chidambaram, it was decided that hydrogen would be explored not as an alternative but as a supplement to CNG.

“The use of hydrogen effectively means that the amount of nitrogen oxide being emitted with the burning of CNG would reduce at least 10 per cent. Another favorable factor is that hydrogen also has the advantage of being a renewable source compared with CNG,” said Chenoy, while expressing his confidence in the government implementing the project in the coming months.

The US Department of Energy’s Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity (AVTA)—managed by Idaho national laboratory—has tested a number of different vehicles using different blends of hydrogen and CNG.

The AVTA testing on an unmodified Dodge RAM CNG van burning a 15% hydrogen-CNG blend found that vehicle exhibited reduction in all measured pollutants, with the sole exception of NOx. The increased NOx emissions occurred only during certain phases of the test cycle, and pointed to the need to modify and to optimize the engine to burn the hydrogen-CNG blend.

DOE’s Natural Gas Vehicle Technology Forum is supporting a project to develop heavy-duty HCNG engines and transit buses. Engines optimized for HCNG (20% hydrogen, 80% CNG mole fraction) engines demonstrated lower emissions, including a 50% reduction in NOx, than similar engines fueled with CNG alone with no significant change in fuel efficiency.

SIAM is also working with IOC, Mahindra and Mahindra and Ashok Leyand on developing the use of biodiesel as a fuel. The association has also undertaken modular research on straight vegetable oil to be used in automobiles.



John Baldwin

The article said:

Another favorable factor is that hydrogen also has the advantage of being a renewable source compared with CNG,” said Chenoy, while expressing his confidence in the government implementing the project in the coming months.

Lets be clear - to make that hydrogen in India there will HAVE to be an incremental amount of electricity generated and this will be coal (or maybe gas). All the renewables wind and solar generated in India is already needed and will always be so - there can never be a suplus of this..

This is one for the PR people again, getting a little tiresome to be honest. Just run your vehicles on natural gas and be happy. If you want to be even greener, collect all waste and run your vehicles on bio-methane. Making hydrogen costs the earth and will be priced out of the market as soon as carbon trading applies to transportation.


who cares how hydrogen is generated now,

if it is generated 2050 with regenerative energy its ok

since could be easily generated by various sources
its the fuel of the future

biofuels need too many "finite" resources
such us water, land and so one

if we want, hydrogen we needs sun, salt water and silicium
and thats it

so go home and doom yourself, but let us go on

allen Z

Fellow commenters,
India has the Thar Desert by the Pakistani border and the northeastern Arabian Sea. The usage of this desert for algae oil/biomass production for fuel/feed/food may be possible. A modified OTEC for water/mineral- chemicals/power/coolant production, and syngas ops for electricity/fuel/chemicals would increase capacity, productivity, and value. Pipelines would need to be added for transport of liquids, as well as freight rail links.
___Additionally, garbage/waste disposal reform would enable the production of methane (from waste) for fuel/chemicals. Add this to a concerted 3R's program (reduce, reuse, recycle), and India could make all/most of the natural gas it needs from domestic sources, without getting muddled with the geopolitics of oil/gas.


In other news, Honda mulls LPG cars

According to ministry officials, Honda wanted to be sure that the automobile kits manufactured would suit India. This is because Indian and Japanese LPG have different specifications. While LPG in Japan is 100% propane, India’s is 99.5% butane-based.


Biomass syngas can produce hydrogen, methane, methanol, ethanol, butanol, gasoline or diesel with the F/T process. There are numerous papers and test facilities that show this has been done. So yes, hydrogen can come from renewable sources like corn stover, rice straw, switchgrass, agriculture and forest wastes.

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