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Suncor Brings Canada’s Largest Ethanol Plant Onstream

Suncor Energy Products announced that its St. Clair Ethanol Plant is now in production. With an expected production volume of 200 million liters (52.8 million gallons US) per year, the St. Clair Ethanol Plant is now the largest ethanol production facility in Canada. (Earlier post.)

The primary feedstock for the C$120-million (US$107 million) plant is corn, and the operation is expected to use 20 million bushels of corn per year.

Suncor has been blending ethanol into its Sunoco-branded gasoline sold since 1996. The company also recently announced that it is supplying the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) with a B5 biodiesel blend to fuel the TTC’s fleet of 1,491 buses. (Earlier post.)

Suncor Energy Products is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Suncor Energy Inc., a Canadian integrated energy company. Suncor was the first to tap the Canadian oil sands to produce the first commercial barrel of synthetic crude oil in 1967.



What I don't understand is why they went with corn. There's something wrong with converting food/feedstock that would feed people/animals into fuel for our vehicles. Not only that, but from what I know corn isn't the most abundant crop in Canada.

Adam Galas

Corn is the most accessible currently because its cheap to ship from the American midwest. Of course cellulose would be better, and bio diesel even more so, especially from algea, but as the U of M study proves, ethanol from corn, while the second worst of all bio fuels, is still energy positive, although only 25%, which when offset by the lower energy density means that its a draw.

But on the plus side, it does keep money in the pockets of Americans and Canadians and out of the hands of the Wahhabis of Arabia.

Andrew Mongar

The efficiency of the distillation process can be considerably improved. We have built a pilot plant and demonstrated a more efficient technology for water removal. A commercial partner is needed to build a full scale facility which would make ethanol from corn much more energy positive.
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