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GM Introduces Redesigned Subcompact 2007 Aveo

2007 Aveo

General Motors (GM) on Thursday launched a fully redesigned version of the Chevrolet Aveo sedan just 2.5 years after its debut. The new Aveo features an all-new exterior and roomy interior design, but fuel economy compared to the 2006 model is just incrementally better.

The 2007 Aveo sedan is longer, wider and taller than its predecessor. Contributing to Aveo sedan’s more aerodynamic design is the incorporation of the radio antenna into the rear glass. Extensive wind tunnel testing also helped reduce the coefficient of drag from 0.348 to 0.326, compared to the previous model.

The 2007 Aveo uses the same E-TEC II 1.6-liter four-cylinder DOHC/16-valve engine with variable-geometry intake as in the 2006 model, and offers 103 horsepower (77 kw) at 6,000 rpm and 107 lb-ft (145 Nm) of torque. The engine is enhanced by an electronic throttle control, added in the 2006 model year, and variable geometry induction system, which help maximize power across the rpm range. Electronic throttle control enhances driveability and fuel economy, while reducing emissions. The Aveo 2007 carries a ULEV II emissions rating.

The engine’s variable geometry induction system is designed with a longer runner length at slower speeds to increase low-end torque up to 10%. The system includes a bypass valve that is activated in high rpm or heavy throttle applications.

Comparative EPA Fuel Economy (mpg US)
Car City Highway
Automatic transmission
*GM estimate.
2007 Aveo* 26 34
2007 Yaris 34 39
2007 Fit 31 38
Manual transmission
2007 Aveo* 27 35
2007 Yaris 34 40
2007 Fit 33 38

A five-speed manual transmission is standard. The available Aisin four-speed automatic transmission features adaptive shift technology.

Estimated fuel economy rating for the new Aveo is 26 mpg city, 34 mpg highway for the four-speed automatic and 27 mpg city, 35 mpg highway for the five-speed manual. The 2006 Aveo carries an actual EPA rating of 24 mpg/34 mpg for the automatic and 26 mpg/35 mpg for the manual.

Those figures are lower than those of the Aveo’s new competition, the Toyota Yaris and the Honda Fit. (See chart at right.) Both the Yaris and Fit use 1.5-liter engines.

For calendar year 2006 through the end of July, Chevrolet sold 35,078 units of the older Aveo, a drop of 16.1% from the 41,795 units for the same period in 2005. By contrast, Toyota has sold 32,822 units of the new Yaris, which went on sale in March. Honda has sold 15,922 units of the Fit, which went on sale in April.

The Aveo, sourced from GM Daewoo, is a global car for GM. In 2005, 68,085 Aveos were sold in the United States, and the car will be offered in more than 120 countries under different nameplates.



And people wonder why GM is doing so poorly. There's no excuse for a vehicle the size of the Aveo with a modern 1.5 liter engine to get fuel economy in the 20s.


2007 Honda Accord 4cyliner goes 26/34 for the mileage but it is a mid size and has 166 hp. What to buy? You decide!

hampden wireless

The three year cost to own an Aveo including depriciation would probobly be higher then a more expensive Honda Civic . The 2007 Aveo is a piece of crap compared to a Civic.

Urban Review

The redesign is quite attractive, clean and smart. The mileage, however, sucks. I considered the hatch version when I bought a car last year but went with the Scion xA due to better MPG and resale value.

It is easy to say a $20K car gets the same mileage so buy that instead but I know a woman that bought the $10K version of the Aveo. She simply could not afford anymore. Resale value doesn't help with the payments.

For me the problem is still the attention on sedans and not on clever hatchbacks. The Fit is great with its design and the backseat is very clever.

Lou Grinzo

In june, I also bought an xA, and I love it. I wanted a Fit, but every dealer I talked to said they couldn't get one for months, and a couple literally laughed when I asked about that model. I lucked onto an xA that had just arrived at a dealership, and two other customers spotted it from the road, came in, and tried to buy it while the salesman was writing up the paperwork.

My wife has an Accord automatic, and she literally gets 34MPG highway. And she definitely doesn't drive like a little old lady.

She and I keep looking at the fuel efficiency, build quality, styling, etc. of current Hondas and Toyotas, and wondering what the heck they know that the Big Three seemingly can't figure out.


If they want to do better than Honda and Toyota they will have to make better than Honda and Toyota. If this car got 38 city 44 highway its sales would leave the Fit and Yaris in the dust.

Very unfortunate situation in my opinion. This redesign is a very handsome little car and well-priced. I wouldn't consider it though, based on the mpgs.


Heh.  I could cruise my Passat TDI at 75 MPH if I was satisfied with only 34 MPG, but I'm aiming for 40 MPG or thereabouts so I cruise at 65.

34 highway in an "economy" car stinks.


This is about the expected gas mileage with Korean cars...look at the Kia Rio/ Hyundai Accent. It gets about the same type of gas mileage.

Joseph Willemssen

I keep wondering why some people only think about fuel economy and not emissions on GREEN Car Congress.

Joseph Willemssen

Fuel Economy
2007 Aveo - 27 city/37 hwy/30 combined
2005 Passat TDI - 27 city/38 hwy/31 combined

Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions
2007 Aveo - 6.1 tons
2005 Passat TDI - 6.9 tons

EPA Air Pollution Score (10 = best, 0 = worst)
2007 Aveo - 7
2005 Passat TDI - 1

Passenger Volume (cu ft)
2007 Aveo - 91
2005 Passat TDI - 95

Luggage Volume (cu ft)
2007 Aveo - 12
2005 Passat TDI - 15

0-60 (secs)
2007 Aveo - 10.8
2005 Passat TDI - 10.4

Safety Ratings
2007 Aveo - 5 stars, front D & P; 4 stars, side, F & R; 4 stars, rollover
2005 Passat TDI - 5 stars, front D & P; 4 stars, side, F & R; 4 stars, rollover

MSRP (base price, in present US dollars)
2007 Aveo - 9,430
2005 Passat TDI - 24,777


nice headshot^^ its like comparing a uran 236 powered steamengine with a gas engine. the uran has to filled up only once a year, but the trash is quite uncomfy because it makes you feel sick, if you are still able to feel it,
okay just joking, you can´t compare to engines working with different stuffs that have a differing energy per liter/kg


Actauly alot of small cars get rather lackluster milage. I mean realy in nromal driving our full sized sedans get that milage.

Mark Vincent


I know you're the local diesel opponent, but can you post the same comparison for the '06 Jetta TDI? If you could put numbers for both the automatic and standard, that would be great.

What do you think about all the Tier II compliant models coming out in '08? Looks like we'll be able to have our cake and eat it too. Add to that the almost zero evaporative emissions with diesel and the ability to burn biodiesel which is a much better fuel than corn ethanol, and it looks like small advanced diesels are poised to take over.

Travis Rassat


Where did you get those figures for the greenhouse gas emissions and EPA Air Pollution score? Are figures available for other vehicles?

Thank you,


The web site gives city and highway miles per gallon, green house gas emissions in tons per year, and an EPA pollution score for each car model.

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