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KC, MO Switches All City Diesels to B50 Biodiesel Blend for Summer

The Central Fleet Division (City Manager’s Office) of Kansas City, Missouri, will expand its use of B50 biodiesel (50% biodiesel, 50% petroleum diesel) to all possible City fueling station locations to fuel all of the City’s 1,038 diesel-powered vehicles through the summer months. The City will drop back to a winter mix of B20 from October until March.

Kansas City uses approximately 1.2 million gallons of diesel fuel annually.

On 31 May, the City initiated a B50 pilot program. No fuel-related problems were reported in the 500 vehicles that made the switch during the pilot program phase, leading to the roll-out of the B50 city-wide.

Based on the results so far and compiled for one year (using 250,000 gallons of biodiesel from April through September and 140,000 gallons of biodiesel from October through March), the City estimates that it will replace 390,000 gallons of regular diesel with neat biodiesel annually as this program is expanded to include all of the City’s fueling stations.

Based on fuel prices so far this year, the City estimates it will save $25,473 in fuel costs.

Using biodiesel saves money, but equally important is the potential positive environmental impact.

—Gerry Calk, City fleet administrator.

(A hat-tip to Dave!)


Bud Johns

Just wondering........why just the summer months? Is it a supply problem, what gives? Anyway, love it.


Higher blends of biodiesel can have gelling issues at lower tempratures.


It seems if you want to make a dent in lowering the amount of oil being brought in to this country and reduce green house gas. The government needs to make fleet vehicles run on these types of fuels and lets not
Forget cruise ships and cargo containers (mostly running in warm climates).this could be done and not have to change any infrastructure Hybrids as taxis to utilize there constant stop and go. if one city can save 400,000
Gallons of diesel. Could you image all city’s using these tech.


Lots of people deep-fry at home. Anyone know where in South KC I can donate/dropoff my home-deepfry-oil for biodiesel use?



The Brick @ 17th and McGee currently has someone picking up fry oil for this purpose, you could call there mention what you have.

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